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Metal rod used in attack

Police have arrested a man for allegedly shoving a metal rod down the throat of a 22-year-old woman during an attempted rape at her home in New Delhi on Monday night, detectives said yesterday. “The accused tried to rape the girl and when she resisted his move, he shoved a rod inside her mouth,” said Ajay Chaudhry, a senior police officer investigating the case. “We have arrested the accused. A case of assault and attempt to murder has been registered.” The victim underwent surgery, but is stable now, the officer added. Police say the suspect had called round at the house on the pretext of collecting the monthly electricity charge and then tried to rape the woman on finding her alone.


Reward to be offered

The government will offer a 50,000 ringgit (US$16,000) reward for information on 14 rare Borneo pygmy elephants found dead last month if it is confirmed they were poisoned. Masidi Manjun, tourism, culture and environment minister for the state of Sabah, yesterdaysaid authorities hoped the reward would help them get new leads. Eight elephants were found dead near an oil palm plantation almost two weeks ago and more bodies were later found decomposing in the Gunung Rara forest reserve. Officials are trying to save a three-month-old calf, poignantly photographed nuzzling its dead mother and now staying in a wildlife park.


PM warns of ‘rivers of grog’

Prime Minister Julia Gillard yesterday warned that “rivers of grog” were beginning to flow again in Aboriginal communities as she unveiled a mixed report on tackling indigenous disadvantage. Gillard took aim at local governments rolling back strict alcohol bans on Aborigines in the nation’s fifth annual “Closing the Gap” address on improving indigenous welfare, employment and education. She said progress was being made on several important measures, including halving infant mortality for Aboriginal Australians, but warned that literacy and numeracy had slipped and called for a review of state alcohol policies. “We’re hearing worrying reports about the rise in admissions to the emergency department at Alice Springs Hospital due to alcohol-related accidents and abuse,” she told parliament. “People are witnessing more alcohol-related violence.”


Poachers using AK-47s

An official says poachers using AK-47 assault rifles to hunt rare, one-horned rhinos in Assam might be tied to the region’s insurgent groups. Assam state police chief Jayanta Narayan Choudhury says the use of AK-47s suggests the involvement of rebels or former insurgents trying to cash in on the huge demand for rhino horns in China and Southeast Asia. The poachers used AK-47s to kill nearly a half-dozen rhinos in or around Kaziranga National Park in the past month, Choudhury said yesterday.


Mystery check explained

Iranian Ambassador Hojattolah Soltani said a check worth about US$70 million, found by German authorities in the luggage of Iran’s former central bank chief, was going to be used by an Iranian firm building public housing in Venezuela. Soltani told Globovision TV station on Tuesday that the check for 300 million Venezuelan bolivars was to be used for the expenses of the Kayson Co, a Tehran-based construction business that is building thousands of homes for the Caracas government.

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