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World Bank urges action against global warming

HOT TOPIC:The president of the World Bank said the global lender would support renewable energy in its lending, but its efforts have met with political obstacles


Identifying one area, Kim called for less reliance on coal, which is the dirtiest major form of energy, but is politically sensitive in the US and China due to industry jobs.

Kim said that the World Bank was determined to support renewable energy in its lending.

The fight against climate change has faced political obstacles in a number of nations including the US, where many conservative lawmakers have called action too costly and cast doubt on the science.

Kim, a physician and former president of Dartmouth College who was tapped for the World Bank by US President Barack Obama, said that 97 percent of scientists agreed that human activity was causing climate change.

“As someone who has lived in the world of science for a long time, 97 percent is unheard-of consensus,” he said.

The report was carried out by German-based Climate Analytics and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

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