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Chopper collision injures six

Two police helicopters collided over a helipad on Saturday, leaving five police officers and a civilian with minor injuries, officials said. Police believed the collision occurred when the rotatory blades of a chopper that was landing and one that was taking off touched, Lieutenant Phlunte Riddle said. The collision caused the blade of one of the two Bell OH-58A helicopters to fall off and its tail to break. The injured were taken to hospitals for further evaluation after the 4pm collision in Altadena, California. One helicopter crew was on routine patrol and the other was assigned to monitor traffic from the UCLA-Southern California football game at the Rose Bowl, she said. The weather was drizzly and cloudy at the time of the accident.


‘Olympians’ in cocaine bust

Ten Venezuelans impersonating Olympic weightlifters were arrested at the country’s main airport with capsules of liquid cocaine hidden in their stomachs, an airport source said on Saturday. The fake athletes were waiting to board a flight to Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, when they were arrested after being subjected to a full body scan, which revealed the presence of the cocaine capsules. The men were arrested by airport security police and turned over to a Buenos Aires criminal court, the source said. Three Dominican Republic nationals tied to the case were also arrested in separate raids on a hotel and an apartment in Buenos Aires, state news agency Telam said. The investigation began in July, following a legal complaint pointing to a Venezuelan man allegedly leading a drug trafficking ring in Buenos Aires and culminated in last week’s operation.


China denies espionage

Chinese Ambassador to Canada Zhang Junsai (章均賽) on Saturday denied that Chinese companies were involved in industrial espionage and challenged anyone to prove the contrary. “I can assure you that our companies working in other countries are strictly doing business according to the local laws,” Zhang told CBC radio. “If you really have the evidence, come [out] with it. If not ... shut up.” The diplomat blamed the allegations on “a Cold War mentality.” Zhang added that “even the US could not give out evidence.” The ambassador’s statement comes as the nation’s Conservative Party government has extended a probe into the proposed US$15.1 billion takeover of Calgary-based oil and gas company Nexen by China’s state-owned China National Offshore Oil Co (CNOOC). “We’re here not to grab your resources. We’re here to participate,” the ambassador told CBC. A poll last month showed that nearly 60 percent of all citizens fear that CNOOC would have a competitive advantage over public companies or believe foreign governments should not be able to control the country’s resources.

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