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Witnesses recount Afghan massacre

TESTIMONIES:A hearing into a killing spree allegedly carried out by a US soldier began on Monday last week and is to determine whether he is to be court-martialed


Khamal Adin, who had a beard and was wearing a turban, sat at the witness table with his arms folded, his head tilted to the left. He described the carnage at the second village, Najiban.

The morning after the rampage, Adin said he arrived at a compound belonging to his cousin, Mohammed Wazir.

Wazir had been away on a trip, and he found Wazir’s mother lying dead in a doorway, a gunshot to her head.

Further inside, Adin said, he found the bodies of six of his cousin’s seven children, the man’s wife, and other relatives.

The fire that burned the bodies was out, but he could still smell smoke, he said.

When Adin began to testify, Bales moved from his seat to be closer to the courtroom monitor.

Adin was asked if he could say he personally saw the bodies.

He said: “Yes. I have seen each individual and took them out by myself.”

Asked to describe the injuries, he said: “Everybody was shot on the head. ... I didn’t pay attention to the rest of the wounds.”

On Saturday, a man who was away from his village when the massacre took place returned home to find his mother’s body.

“I just saw her, I cried and I could not look on her face,” Samiullah said.

Samiullah said his seven-year-old daughter Zardana was shot in the head in the attack and was later treated at a navy hospital in San Diego, California. He said she can now walk and talk again.

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