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FBI declares mafia victory

The FBI declared victory on Friday in its latest battle against the Cosa Nostra mafia, after wrapping up a case that apprehended the entire administration of New York’s Colombo organized-crime family. The last of 38 guilty pleas to a variety of mobster activities was entered in Brooklyn Federal Court by Colombo associate Angelo Spata, nicknamed “Little Angelo.” His plea completed the circle that began with the unsealing of the case in January last year and a series of raids that amounted to the biggest single-day US operation against the Italian-American mafia. With street names like “Big Mike,” “the Claw,” “Fat Dennis” and “the Beard,” the defendants were at the core of one of New York’s historic five crime families. Most will now go behind bars. The FBI said the mass pleas demonstrated the steady dismantling of the Cosa Nostra in New York, long one of its strongholds.


Authorities charge officers

Authorities charged 14 federal police officers with attempted murder on Friday over an August shooting attack that wounded two US government employees. The attorney general’s office said the officers, who were formally placed under arrest, “attempted to take the life of two employees of the US embassy” and a Mexican navy officer who was traveling with them south of Mexico City. One of the officers was charged with making false statements, while five others were accused of covering up the attack.


Alleged killers arrested

Mexican authorities have arrested 24 people, including two female minors, accused of murdering 48 people for drug cartels in northeastern Mexico, a state spokesman said on Friday. The group admitted that they worked for the Zetas criminal organization and then switched allegiance to the rival Gulf Cartel because the Zetas were late in paying them, Nuevo Leon State security spokesman Jorge Domene said. “These people confessed that of the 48 executions attributed to them, 38 were committed when they worked for the Zetas and the other 10 when they were part of the Gulf Cartel,” Domene said.


Darwin garners votes

Charles Darwin, the 19th-century father of the theory of evolution, earned more than 4,000 votes in a US congressional race from voters protesting the unopposed candidacy of an ardent creationist, a local newspaper reported on Friday. The English biologist was the object of a grassroots write-in campaign in Athens-Clarke county, in the southern state of Georgia, according to the Web site of the Athens Banner-Herald. The only name officially on the ballot was that of incumbent Paul Broun, a Republican representative who believes in creationism, the movement that declares God literally created the world in seven days. During the campaign, Broun declared that evolution amounted to “lies straight from the pit of hell.” University of Georgia biologist Jim Leebens-Mack then launched a Facebook page calling for “Darwin for Congress” and asking voters to “send a message to Paul Broun and his colleagues.” Public records show that 4,000 write-in votes were cast for Darwin, although they were not included in the official tally. Broun earned 100 percent of the tally, with 209,917 votes across the district. Undeterred, the movement, in its latest update on the “Darwin for Congress” Facebook page, pledged to “find a rational, living candidate to replace Dr Broun in 2014.”

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