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Chinese ‘volunteers’ roped into security crackdown

VIGILANT:Although groups say petitioners are being detained during the CCP’s congress, none of the ‘volunteers’ have seen anything worth reporting


Chinese dissident Bao Tong (鮑彤) said the huge domestic security build up of recent years indicates the CCP has lost its ruling legitimacy.

“No country in the world makes its own people the biggest enemy,” Bao, who was the highest official jailed following China’s 1989 Tiananmen Square protests that were suppressed by the army, said before the congress opened. “In a republic, the people should be the masters. ‘Stability maintenance’ takes the people as the enemy. This is an insult and a disgrace.”

Chen Huili, a house cleaner who said she was pressured into acting as a neighborhood sentinel, has her own reasons for grumbling.

“I didn’t volunteer. My company is making me do this,” Chen said, as she swept up cigarette butts in a Beijing housing complex wearing a red “public order volunteer” arm band.

“They didn’t give me anything but extra work to do,” she said.

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