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Japanese woman assaulted

A man was in custody yesterday after he allegedly kidnapped, handcuffed and repeatedly sexually assaulted a Japanese woman in Sydney. Chief Inspector Rick Johnson told reporters the victim, 29, got to know the man after arriving in the country in January. She traveled around the country and met up with him again on Tuesday. It was then that her ordeal began. “The offender made a number of advances to the victim. When she resisted she was detained by some form of bondage method, by tying her up,” Johnson told ABC. Handcuffs were used and the man then allegedly repeatedly sexually assaulted her, a police statement said. The woman said she escaped by climbing out of a window when she was untied to use the toilet. The man, 48, has been charged with three counts of aggravated sexual assault and one count of kidnapping.


Policeman licks hair

A policeman has been arrested for licking a woman’s hair in a restaurant, police said yesterday. Fellow officers detained forensics specialist Tatsuya Ichikawa, 50, at a fast food joint after he was spotted tonguing the locks of an unsuspecting 25-year-old woman in Shizuoka Prefecture. “I wanted to lick so I did,” Ichikawa told police, according to media reports. A spokesman for Shizuoka police confirmed Ichikawa’s arrest, adding that he was on medical leave at the time and did not specialize in the analysis of human hair.


‘Bumblebee’ gecko found

A new species of gecko with black and gold bands like a bumblebee and slender toes termed a “striking surprise” has been discovered deep in the nation’s tropical forests, the US Geological survey said. The lizard, which measures about 13cm from head to tail and is covered with rows of skin nodules that make it easier for it to conceal itself on the forest floor, was collected on Manus Island in March 2010 and described in a report published in the journal Zootaxa this month. “We’ve officially named it Nactus kunan for its striking color pattern — kunan means ‘bumblebee’ in the local Nali language,” said Robert Fisher of the USGS Western Ecological Research Center, who with biologists from the Papua New Guinea National Museum discovered the gecko.


Man restrained on flight

A man was restrained with cable ties and marched off a jet by police after showing threatening behavior on a Qantas flight from Perth to Melbourne yesterday, the airline said. The man was tied up after “being disruptive and threatening” on the flight from the west coast, according to a Qantas spokesman, with one person on board saying he and other passengers had to leap to the crew’s assistance. “About four or five of us jumped up and had to hold him down and put these cable ties behind his arms behind the back,” the passenger said, adding that the man had made threats against the staff and pilot.


Dozens charged in sex sting

A Swiss banker and a school principal are among 48 men charged with paying for sex with a minor. Court documents released late on Wednesday show 40-year-old Swiss national Juerg Buergin was charged with paying for sex with a girl that local media say was 17. The other defendants are charged with paying for sex with the same girl in 2010 and last year. They include a former police superintendent and the grandson of a prominent businessman.

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