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Taliban denounces video of US soldiers urinating on corpses


The Afghan Taliban yesterday denounced as “barbaric” a video apparently showing US Marines urinating on dead Taliban fighters.

“This is a barbaric act. Over the past 10 years there have been hundreds of similar cases that were not revealed,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahed said.

The US military said yesterday that it was investigating a “disgusting” online video purportedly showing marines urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

The video shows what appears to be four servicemen, dressed in US military uniform, relieving themselves onto three bloodied bodies on the ground, apparently aware that they are being filmed.

“Have a great day, buddy,” one of them says, giggling.

The Pentagon has not yet verified the video, but spokesman John Kirby said: “Regardless of the circumstances or who is in the video, this is ... egregious, disgusting behavior, unacceptable for anyone in uniform.”

“It turned my stomach,” he added of the video, which was posted on the Live Leak Web site.

If authenticated, the images — which conjure up previous abuses committed by US troops during the decade-long war — could spark deep anger and resentment in Afghanistan and the wider Muslim world.

Speaking late yesterday, a Taliban spokesman said the video would will not affect peace talks, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahed said.

“I don’t think this new issue will affect negotiations which at this stage are mainly about prisoner exchange,” Mujahed said.

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