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Hunters of Higgs boson to make announcement

EXPLAINING IT ALL?Last week, scientists at Cern hinted they may have seen the elusive particle, sparking excitement over the lab’s pending special seminar

The Guardian, LONDON

A Higgs boson with the rumored mass fits well with a theory called supersymmetry that says nature is built from twice as many kinds of particles as have been observed.

“They should have enough data to make an interesting statement. It could be that they have a hint, but are not sure if it’s real,” said John Ellis, former head of theoretical physics at Cern. “The picture is still confused, but a Higgs particle that weighed anywhere between 115GeV and 125GeV would be just dandy for supersymmetry.”

“If the two detectors have essentially coincident effects of 2.5 to three sigma, there is no doubt of the discovery,” said Gordon Kane, director of the Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics.

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