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Marine kills three marines

A marine corporal went on shooting rampage yesterday, killing four fellow marines and wounding one on a Yellow Sea island base near the nation’s border with North Korea, officials said. The alleged shooter was taken into custody, but his motive remained unclear, defense ministry officials said. The officials, who declined to give their names because of official policy, said the corporal, surnamed Kim, was wounded, but it was unclear whether he tried to kill himself or was hurt when he was apprehended. One of the slain marines was an officer, while the other two were rank-and-file soldiers, the officials said. The shooting on Ganghwa Island, about 70km west of Seoul, was being investigated, the officials said.


Pub sorry for evicting Sikh

A pub chain was seeking to apologize yesterday to a Sikh man who was evicted from a bar for wearing a turban. The man was wrongly evicted from a pub in Brisbane on Sunday because staff decided that his turban did not comply with its policy against patrons with headwear, Spirit Hotels said in a statement. “The patron should not have been asked to remove his turban, and we are attempting to contact the patron to apologize,” the statement said. Many of the country’s pubs ban headwear so that troublemakers can be readily identified from security camera footage. Sikhs’ turbans readily identify then as followers of their Indian religion. Wearing a turban is a tenet of the faith, along with unshorn hair and a beard.


Tot survives 10-story fall

State media reported that a toddler was in critical condition after surviving a 10-story fall by being caught by a passing woman. Media reports said the two-year-old girl, Niu Niu, was left unattended on Saturday in the family’s 10th floor apartment outside Hangzhou, when her grandmother went on an errand. The reports said passer-by Wu Juping saw the toddler hanging from the window and then ran over when she saw Niu Niu fall. Sunday’s reports said 31-year-old Wu broke her left arm catching the child, who is hospitalized with internal bleeding and other injuries.


President sings on TV

President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov marked his birthday by singing on national TV a love song whose music and words he had penned himself. He serenaded viewers with the love song For You, My White Flowers on a special TV show late on Saturday celebrating his 54th birthday. Berdymukhamedov was shown in casual clothes, wearing gray slacks, a shirt and green pullover, singing the song and accompanying himself on guitar. The song was also shown on a giant screen to a concert attended by 3,500 people in Ashgabat, with the audience standing and applauding during the song. Berdymukhamedov is fond of showing off his skills away from politics. In April he staged an impressive display of his horsemanship on the back of a rare Akhal-Teke horse. Berdymukhamedov is seeking to very cautiously ease the country out of the isolation of his eccentric predecessor, Saparmurat Niyazov, who died in 2006. He has cut back on some of the excesses of Niyazov. However, observers have noted a budding cult of personality, with giant banners of Berdymukhamedov’s face hanging on government buildings, while critics said his stabs at reform were little more than window dressing.

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