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FEATURE: A tragic history lurks in Sochi’s ski slopes


The aim of their “No Sochi” campaign is to ban Russia from holding the Olympics on the site of the Circassian “genocide,” according to a statement on their Web site.

Circassians also convinced the parliament of Georgia to approve a resolution recognizing the deportation as genocide last Friday, making Russia’s archfoe the first state to do so, just one day before the 147th anniversary of the end of the Caucasus war on May 21.

The fact that Russia’s political rival became involved is partly Russia’s fault for ignoring the issue, observers said.

“Everyone knows perfectly well that there was such a country and such a people, but prefers not to discuss it,” Khotko said.

“Whenever you stick your finger into Sochi, you stick it into the Circassian tragedy,” he said. “Ignoring it is what provokes indignation.”

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