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‘S’ Zuckerberg fed up

An Indiana lawyer who shares the same name as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has told a local TV station that Facebook temporarily banned him from the site because it thought his name was fake. “I’m suffering tremendous emotional distress because of all this ... I don’t want money, I want to get back on Facebook and have them leave me alone,” he told the station. Two years ago his Facebook account was blocked for four months. So he has created a Web site — — to clear up any confusion about his identity. One way to tell the two men apart is their middle initials. The Indiana lawyer’s middle initial is “S,” while the Facebook founder’s is “E.”


Bin Laden’s wives ‘hostile’

US intelligence services have interrogated three of Osama bin Laden’s widows who were picked up in the US raid that saw the al-Qaeda leader killed, CNN said on Thursday, citing US and Pakistani sources. The women were reportedly interviewed as a group, despite US wishes to interview them separately, and were openly “hostile” to US officials interviewing them, CNN said, quoting a Pakistani government official and two US officials close to matter.


Unabomber auction set

The manifesto condemning the industrial and technological revolutions and other items belonging to the man known as the “Unabomber” will soon be available for purchase. The US Marshals Service says the manifesto written by Ted Kaczynski will be offered in an online government auction beginning on Wednesday, along with items such as birth certificates, photographss and handwritten notes. The 69-year-old Kaczynski is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole after pleading guilty in 1998 to setting 16 explosions that killed three people.


Bolivian boy goes astray

A 10-year-old Bolivian boy who hid on a truck in an effort to visit his mother who had just been released from prison ended up across the border after an unexpected 500km trek through the Andes mountains, officials said. The boy, identified as Franklin Vilca, stowed away on a truck in the Bolivian town of Oruro thinking it would take him to Cochabamba, where his mother had been incarcerated. He went without food or water on his three-day-long journey, before getting off in Alto Hospicio, on the outskirts of Iquique, on Saturday. He wandered the streets until a local woman took him home. “I just wanted to see my mother,” he told Chilean television TVN. A court in Iquique decided to allow him to stay with the Flores family until he can be returned to Bolivian authorities.


Spokesman suspended

Bridgeport Police Department spokesman Tim Quinn has been suspended without pay for sending reporters an e-mail joking about creating cartoon mug shots for generic criminals with names such as Miguel the Murderer and Tyrone the Thief. Quinn joked in Thursday’s e-mail that reporters should hire a cartoonist to draw mug shots of fictional characters instead of waiting for police to release the real photos. He described Miguel as a “kind of skinny rat wearing a dirty tee shirt” and Tyrone as an “ugly mixed breed mongrel with sunglasses.” The president of the Connecticut chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People says Quinn’s joke was offensive. Quinn has apologized.

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