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Cash grab woman arrested

A woman who allegedly fled the country with her Chinese partner after a bank mistakenly deposited millions of dollars into his account was arrested on Friday, police said. Kara Hurring and Leo Gao left for China shortly after Westpac accidentally placed NZ$10 million (US$7.5 million) into Gao’s account in April 2009. Gao had requested a NZ$100,000 dollar overdraft. The error was discovered within days, but by then about NZ$6.78 million had allegedly been transferred to other accounts and the pair had left the country. Police met and arrested 31-year-old Hurring at Auckland airport early yesterday after she voluntarily returned to the country. Police said about half the money had been recovered, but about NZ$3,872,000 was still missing and Hurring would face charges.


Novel ice cream for sale

A specialist ice cream parlour plans to serve up breast milk ice cream and says people should think of it as an organic, free-range treat. The breast milk concoction, called the “Baby Gaga,” is available at the Icecreamists restaurant in London’s Covent Garden. Icecreamists founder Matt O’Connor is confident his take on the “miracle of motherhood,” priced at a hefty £14 (US$23) a serving, will go down a treat with the paying public. The breast milk was provided by mothers who answered an advertisement on mothers’ Web forum Mumsnet. Victoria Hiley, 35, from London was one of 15 women who donated milk to the restaurant after seeing the advert. Hiley works with women who have problems breast-feeding their babies. She said she believes that if adults realized how tasty breast milk actually is, then new mothers would be more willing to breast-feed their own newborns. “What could be more natural than fresh, free-range mother’s milk in an ice cream? And for me it’s a recession beater too — what’s the harm in using my assets for a bit of extra cash,” Hiley said in a statement. “I tried the product for the first time today — it’s very nice, it really melts in the mouth.”


‘Churnalism’ to be exposed

Hoax articles and lazy journalists are being pushed into the spotlight by a new Web site that aims to expose news outlets that regurgitate press releases — a practice known as “churnalism.”, launched by the Media Standards Trust charity, allows users to copy and paste content from news releases and compare it with articles published by news outlets to see which reporters are less proactive and more reactive in searching for news. Media Standards Trust director Martin Moore says the site is meant to be an “accountability tool” that will ruffle some feathers in the media.


Chechen leader seeks wife

The leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, said on Thursday he is looking for a second wife in addition to his present marriage, weighing into controversy on the place of Islamic customs in the region. “I am currently looking, but I just cannot find a beautiful one. If I do, I will immediately get married,” the Kremlin-backed Kadyrov told popular daily Komsomolskaya Pravda in an interview. The Kremlin credits Kadyrov with maintaining a shaky peace in Chechnya. Analysts say that in return he is allowed to implement a radical vision of Islam, which at times contradicts Russia’s secular Constitution. Polygamy is forbidden by Russian law. “If there is love, then four wives are allowed,” Kadyrov said, adding that four is the limit since Sharia law forbids taking more.

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