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Employees kill executive

Staff wielding iron bars allegedly beat to death an executive at an Indian-Japanese firm outside New Delhi in protest against the sacking of fellow employees, newspapers said yesterday. Joginder Singh, 45, a human resources manager at Allied Nippon, died on Sunday, one day after suffering head and chest injuries in clashes with hundreds of workers at the auto parts firm, the Times of India said. Two other senior managers at the firm in Ghaziabad were being treated in hospital, the paper reported, adding that nine people had been arrested. Some reports said 400 employees had been involved, and that Singh had been eating lunch when he was bludgeoned with iron rods and other heavy equipment from the factory.


Man plans spider stay

“Spiderman” Nick Le Souef said he was “a bit silly” to live in a Melbourne shop window with hundreds of poisonous spiders for three weeks for charity, but was confident he would not be bitten. He hopes to raise as much as US$50,000 for a children’s charity by spending the next few weeks eating, sleeping and working among hundreds of redbacks, tarantula-like huntsmen and black house spiders. “I am a bit silly doing what I am doing,” he said of his decision to closet himself with potentially lethal spiders. “I’ve been bitten by snakes, and I’ve been stung by stingrays and poisonous fish. But I’ve never been bitten by a spider. So there you go.” Le Souef said the spiders, who will live with him in the 3.6m-by-1.2m window of his opal shop, will have better things to munch on, including the live cockroaches and crickets he is providing for sustenance. Le Souef said he planned to start his challenge accompanied by 400 spiders, but had been thwarted by the spiders, which had been eating each other over the weekend. Le Souef said he would spend his time cutting opals and writing his memoirs.


Northern defectors rising

Seoul says the number of North Koreans defecting to the South has surged in recent years because of economic suffering in the North, with more than 10,000 defections over the past three years. The Unification Ministry said yesterday that about as many North Koreans have defected since 2007 than in the entire previous period since the Korean War ended. The overall total stands now at 20,050. Most defectors travel through China. More than 2,900 defected last year alone.


Diabetes goes unchecked

The nation has the highest number of diabetics in the world at 92.4 million, but 61 percent of them do not know they have the disease, the China Daily reported yesterday. “A combination of poor public awareness and limited access to early detection services are largely responsible for the low diagnostic rate on the mainland,” Ji Linong, head of the Chinese Diabetes Society, was quoted saying. A total of 13 percent of total medical spending, around US$25 billion, is diabetes--related, the newspaper report said, citing a study by the Chinese Diabetics Society and the International Diabetes Federation. “The cost of treating diabetes will rise rapidly in the next 10 to 20 years, as patients who have gone undiagnosed develop serious complications whose treatment will definitely cost more,” Ji said. The 61 percent of undiagnosed diabetics face higher risks of suffering eyesight or kidney problems and risk having strokes, the report said.

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