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Teacher gives murder quiz

A primary school teacher has been reprimanded for giving his pupils a math problem in which he asked how long it would take to kill 18 children at a rate of three murders a day. The 45-year-old male teacher, whose name has been withheld, has apologized for giving the quiz to his pupils, aged seven and eight, at his public school in Okazaki, education officials said on Wednesday. “I did it carelessly. I deeply reflect on my conduct,” he was quoted as saying by the officials over the incident in May, which apparently led to a parent complaint to the school in July. The teacher reportedly asked the children: “There are 18 kids. If we kill three per day, how many days it will take?” The school board said it handed the teacher a “strict reprimand.”


Wife-killer gets life

A husband who had cared for his mentally ill wife for years was sentenced to life in prison on Wednesday after he fed her a fatal dose of medicine because she cut the wires on his stereo, reports said. Singapore-born Hung Kiat Tan, 58, pleaded guilty on Wednesday in a Brisbane court to murdering his 53-year-old wife, Siew Kee Ang, last year by feeding her a lethal amount of her medication, AAP news agency said. Crown prosecutor Sarah Farnden said Tan, who had been his schizophrenic wife’s full-time carer for five years, decided to kill the woman when he came home one day to find his stereo damaged. “This morning could be the last straw,” Tan wrote in his diary at the time. He then gave Siew 84 anti-psychotic tablets and walked to a nearby store to call an ambulance after a brief resuscitation attempt.


Police find drugs, crocodile

Police made an unusual discovery during a raid this week, netting a baby crocodile along with cash, weapons and millions of dollars worth of the party drug ice. Police said three men were arrested in a controlled operation in western Sydney on Tuesday, which then led to the discovery of the crocodile, which measured less than 1m long. “During the operation police seized a total of 5.7kg of methylamphetamine with a potential street value of A$2.85 million [US$2.7 million],” police said in a statement. A search of the men’s homes later uncovered more methylamphetamines, also known as ice, US$300,000 in cash, a Taser stun gun, a firearm and the snappier find of an infant crocodile. The reptile has been taken to a wildlife park, while one of the men, a 26-year-old, was charged with possession of protected fauna and drugs offenses.


Cobra scare hits town

Residents of a township in Chongqing have been running scared after more than 160 cobras escaped from an illegal breeding laboratory, state media said yesterday. Shijiao Township residents have found the deadly snakes in outdoor toilets, kitchens and on the streets since they escaped earlier this month, the Information Times said. “The other day, Zhang Erfen had just gone into the toilet when we heard a loud scream and she came running out while trying to hike up her pants” after coming face-to-face with a cobra, the paper quoted one villager as saying. A villager identified as Cai Yong has admitted to raising up to 1,900 cobras in an unlicensed breeding center in an abandoned schoolhouse. It was not clear if he had been arrested. Most of the 160 cobras have either been caught or killed by villagers, but “five or six” remain unaccounted for, the paper said. Local health authorities have sent doses of anti-venom to the township, reports said.

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