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Baby thrown from high-rise

A new-born baby was thrown to its death from a high-rise apartment on Tuesday, and police have arrested a 14-year-old girl in connection with the crime. The child's body was found early on Tuesday at the foot of a public housing block. "We believe it was a new-born baby, and it had an umbilical cord attached to its body," a police officer told Hong Kong's Cable Television.


Lawmaker recalls escapade

A senior Australian lawmaker who was once handcuffed in his underpants to a pole during a drunken night in a Russian strip club said yesterday he had learned from the experience: "always wear clean underwear." Nigel Scullion said he enjoyed his night out in 1998 in St Petersburg where he led an Australian delegation at a global fishing conference. The escapade was first reported in Australian newspapers on Tuesday, a week after the senator was elected deputy leader of the conservative opposition National Party. "Two important lessons out of life from that: don't let anyone handcuff you to a post and make sure you always wear clean underwear,'' he told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. Media reported Scullion struggled to break free from the pole as a fight broke out between Russian sailors and other patrons. He fled the club partially clothed.


Surfer meets sharks

A surfer has good reason for feeling once bitten, twice shy after two encounters with sharks on the same day, a newspaper reported on Tuesday. Olivia Hislop was waiting for a wave at a beach near the South Island tourist town of Kaikoura on Sunday when she felt a tug on her board. She turned around to see a shark half on top of her board and gnashing its teeth, the Marlborough Express newspaper reported. Hislop tugged her board away from the shark, which promptly turned around, smacking her in the forehead with its tail, and swam off. When Hislop paddled out later to catch another wave she said she felt a shark bang against her bare feet, which were dangling in the water off the surf board. Lifting her foot, she found the shark had bitten through the leash tying the board to her ankle.


Lennon's hair for sale

Yesterday fans were to have the chance to buy a lock of John Lennon's hair, autographed photos and other Beatles memorabilia at an auction in Worthing, on England's south coast. Lennon gave the band's hairdresser, Betty Glasow, the lock of hair in a copy of his book, A Spaniard in the Works. In the dedication he wrote, "To Betty, Lots of Love and Hair, John Lennon." The book -- with the hair still inside -- could fetch ?3,000 (US$6,200) or more, said Nick Muston, director of Gorringes auction house.


Market car bombs kill 27

Synchronized car bombs devastated a city market district in southern Iraq yesterday, killing at least 27 people and injuring 151, authorities said. The police chief in Amarah was fired, an immediate driving ban went into effect and soldiers were deployed on the streets. The explosions were about five minutes apart, beginning at about 10am, when a car parked in a garage blew up, local police and an intelligence official said. Another car about 50m away exploded shortly afterward as people gathered to examine the damage from the first, police said.

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Man sets calculation record

Alexis Lemaire, 27, stared at a 200-digit number he had never seen before, his thick eyebrows twitched, his breathing slowed and he extended a finger to tap the answer into the computer. Lemaire's last keystroke -- which came exactly 70.218 seconds after he was first confronted with the figure -- revealed the number's 13th root: 2,407,899,893,032,210. Those 16 digits, and the brief time it had taken him to find them, sealed his reputation on Tuesday as the world's fastest human calculator.

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