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Cow taken into custody

A cow was taken into police custody for causing traffic accidents that resulted in the deaths of at least six people this year, a police official said yesterday. The cow's owner could also face a six-month prison term under a new traffic law that holds people responsible for accidents caused by their animals, said Pin Doman, a police chief on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. The white, 1.5m-tall cow was standing in the middle of a main road on Monday night when a 66-year-old motorcyclist crashed into the animal and died.


Five militants killed

A NATO airstrike on militants planting a roadside bomb left five suspected insurgents dead, officials said yesterday. The strike happened as the group was spotted digging on the road and laying a roadside bomb in Bermel district, Paktika Province, late on Sunday, coalition spokesman Sergeant First Class Dean Welch said. Authorities retrieved the bodies, which were later handed over to village elders from Bermel, provincial police chief Nabi Jan Mullahkheil said. Militants frequently use roadside bombs to target Afghan and foreign troops.


Couple lost at sea rescued

An Israeli woman and an Italian man survived on a life raft for eight days in the Arabian Sea after their yacht sank in a storm, the coast guard said yesterday. The couple, identified as Libi Belozerzki, 27, and Mori Pierpaolo, 35, set out from the Maldives on a yacht planning to sail to the Red Sea, but their boat overturned in a late monsoon storm, said Commandant Raj Putran of the coast guard. Putran said ships in the area were told to look out for the missing sailors after the Rome Maritime Rescue Coordination Center lost contact with them after Sept. 24.


Villagers poison tigers

Angry villagers poisoned two rare tigers in the northeast after they preyed on cattle, forestry officials said yesterday. Officials who recovered the carcasses of a young male and female tiger on the outskirts of the Orang National Park believe the animals were killed last week, a local wildlife official said. "A tiger had killed a water buffalo, dragged the kill inside the National Park and had gone for a drink. Villagers who may have watched the event laced the carcass with poison," the official said. Last year, two other tigers were killed by angry villagers near Orang, home to an estimated 20 tigers.


Wife of diplomat arrested

Indonesia has condemned the arrest of the wife of one of its diplomats who was accused of being an illegal migrant. Muslianah Nurdin, wife of the Indonesian education and culture attache, was detained last Wednesday while shopping in Kuala Lumpur despite showing her identification, the Indonesian embassy said in a statement on Monday. The embassy did not say how long she was held in custody. She was detained by members of a 400,000-strong volunteer force deployed nationwide to hunt down illegal immigrants. Its officers have frequently been accused of using excessive force. About 2 million Indonesians work in Malaysia, both legally and illegally. Their presence is a major source of conflict in relations between the two countries.


President slams incumbent

Outgoing President Girma Wolde-Giorgise accused Eritrea on Monday of disregarding attempts to peacefully resolve a border impasse and putting the Horn of Africa neighbors on the path to war. "Our government has persistently expressed its unwavering desire to engage in a relationship with Eritrea based on the principles of peace and non-interference," the president said in a speech to parliament. "However, the incumbent government of Eritrea does not appear to be ready for peace and good neighborliness."

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