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Ancient building discovered

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient and mysterious subterranean building near the tomb of the nation's legendary first emperor, state media reported yesterday. The building, more than 2,000 years old, is hidden inside a 51m-high pyramid-shaped earth mound on top of the tomb of emperor Qinshihuang (秦始皇) in Shaanxi Province, the Xinhua news agency said. The discovery came as a complete surprise because there is no description of the 30m-high building in surviving historical records, but it may have been built for the soul of the emperor, expert Duan Qingbo (段清波) said. The building is situated near the famed terra-cotta warriors and has four surrounding stair-like walls, said Duan, a researcher with the Shaanxi Institute of Archaeology.


Maoists attack stations

Some 200 heavily-armed Maoists attacked two police stations in eastern Bihar state, killing six constables and a villager, police said yesterday. The attacks on the neighboring stations took place late on Saturday, police said from district headquarters some 30km away. "They attacked both the police stations so that they would not be able to aid each other," said a policeman in Rohtas district, more than 1,000km from New Delhi. "They used petrol bombs, grenades, rifles and AK-47's. Whatever weapons the police avail of, they also had." Five people were wounded in the attack and had been taken to neighboring Uttar Pradesh state for treatment, the policeman said.


US aircraft carrier to port

An Indian Navy ship equipped with a radiation-monitoring laboratory will keep watch on the US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Nimitz when it comes calling at the southern port of Chennai today. The first ever port call by a US aircraft carrier has sparked controversy in the country. Some politicians said Washington was trying to absorb New Delhi into its sphere of military influence while some port workers voiced environmental fears. The Nimitz is due to lie at anchor off Chennai, formerly known as Madras, until Thursday in what has been termed yet another landmark in the growing warmth between Washington and New Delhi.


Bat virus upsets Melaka

The state of Melaka is upset that scientists have named a new bat-borne virus after it, news reports said yesterday. Australian and Malaysian scientists announced last week that they had discovered a new virus likely carried by bats that can cause respiratory illness in humans. They called it the Melaka Virus, using the name of the state where the virus was isolated last year in a man. Chief Minister Ali Rustam said on Saturday the state does not want to be associated with the virus and called the name "an insult" to Melaka, which is a popular tourist destination.


Election could be postponed

The post-coup general election could be pushed back until early next year as legal experts fear a new constitution and other laws will not be finished as planned, Army chief General Sonthi Boonyaratglin said yesterday. Sonthi, who ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra's government in a bloodless coup last year, told reporters he would meet Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont to discuss possibly postponing the elections, originally set for the end of the year, until a later date.


Brown welcome, Blair not

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