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■ China
Official jailed over bribes

A former official in Anhui Province has been jailed for 10 years for taking bribes, the official Procuratorial Daily said yesterday. The Anqing Intermediate People's Court said Shang Jun (尚軍) had accepted about 900,000 yuan (US$114,000) plus US$200 from 41 people for arranging official jobs over the course of several years, the Procuratorial Daily reported. Shang, 53, was a former police officer who served as president of the Fuyang Intermediate Court before becoming vice mayor of Fuyang and then deputy head of the provincial health authority.

■ Japan

Bird flu outbreak confirmed

The agriculture ministry has confirmed that a bird flu outbreak at a poultry farm in a southwestern prefecture was caused by the H5N1 virus, making it the fourth such outbreak to hit the nation this year. The ministry said in a statement yesterday that test results had shown that the outbreak in Miyazaki prefecture, first detected earlier this week, was due to the H5N1 virus.

■ China

Man's penis rebuilt

Doctors in Guangzhou have successfully reconstructed the penis of a man whose significant appendage was bitten off by a dog, Xinhua news agency reported yesterday. Doctors used skin and muscles from the 35-year old man's chest, and bone from his hip to reconstruct the penis, it said. The man, identified only as Zhen, had his testicles bitten off by a dog when he was a boy, the report said. With a 14cm long newly constructed organ, Zhen can "have a sex life and enjoy pleasant sensations -- but not as intensely as other people because he still doesn't have testicles," plastic surgeon Zhang Jinming said.

■ Australia
Eagles attack paraglider

Britain's top female paraglider has cheated death after being attacked by a pair of "screeching" wild eagles while competition flying in Australia. Nicky Moss, 38, watched terrified as two huge birds began tearing into her parachute canopy, one becoming tangled in her lines and clawing at her head 2,500m in the air. "I heard screeching behind me and a eagle flew down and attacked me, swooping down and bouncing into the side of my wing with its claws," Moss said on Friday. "Then another one appeared and together they launched a sustained attack on my glider, tearing at the wing," she said.

■ Sri Lanka

Police defuse bomb safely

A bomb was found inside a three-wheeler taxi in the heart of Colombo yesterday, but was safely defused by police, the defense ministry said. A civilian alerted police after he saw the bomb inside the motorized rickshaw, which was parked in a garage for repairs, an official at the government's national security media center said on condition of anonymity citing the agency's policy. He said the bomb, which weighed about 2kg, was removed by police and defused. Further details were not available.

■ Philippines

Truck explosion kills 50

The death toll from an explosion of a truck carrying compressed carbon dioxide has reached 50, a senior military official said yesterday. The truck, which was originally thought to be carrying liquefied petroleum gas, exploded on Friday on a highway in Zamboanga del Sur Province, around 800km south of Manila. A packed passing bus took the full force of the blast. "The death toll climbed to 50 and more than 40 are still in critical condition," said Major General Raymundo Ferrer, commander of the army's first infantry division. Ferrer said soldiers were still recovering charred body parts from a nearby ravine after a fireball destroyed the truck and bus.

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