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■ India

Suspected militants nabbed

Police in the southern state of Karnataka said yesterday they had foiled an attempt by suspected Islamic militants from Pakistan to blow up the local legislative assembly. B.S. Sial, the director-general of police in the state, said two militants were arrested after a gunfight in Mysore, 150km southwest of the state capital Bangalore late on Thursday. "A satellite phone, a laptop and an AK-47 rifle was seized from them," Sial said. "Documents seized reveal they are from Pakistan." Mysore police commissioner Pravin Sood said the two were riding on a motorcycle when they were caught.

■ New Zealand

Four-legged chicken dies

Forzie, the four-legged chicken hatched last month, has died, and it appears it was an extra anus rather than the extra legs which led to its death. "He developed two bottoms and I think he got glugged up," said owner Marlene Dickey. Dickey said she was surprised by Forzie's death, as he was slowly gaining feathers. "He was a bit of a laugh," she said. Looking ungainly on its extra legs, the bird was an exception to the rule that chickens with defects are not normally born alive. He is now in the Dickeys' freezer waiting to be sent to a taxidermist and will then be donated to a museum.

■ Malaysia

Elderly US couple harassed

The country's tourism minister was to meet and placate an elderly US couple harassed by Muslim religious officials on the northern tourist island of Langkawi, a report said yesterday. Randall Barnhart, 62, and his wife Carole, 61, were rudely awakened in their rented apartment in the early hours of the morning earlier this month by religious officials conducting a raid on "khalwat" couples. Under Islamic law, which operates alongside the civil code in multicultural Malaysia, "khalwat" -- close proximity between a man and a woman who are not married -- is forbidden. The couple, who were on a six-week sailing holiday in Malaysia, have been married for 42 years and are Christians.

■ Malaysia

Drugged drivers suspended

Motorists caught driving under the influence of drugs will have their licenses revoked for at least two years, a newspaper reported yesterday. Since the launch of a road safety campaign on Oct. 17, 50 motorcyclists and bus drivers have tested positive for morphine, heroin and marijuana in random police checks, federal traffic police chief Nooryah Mohamad Anvar was quoted as saying by the Star. Their driving licenses will be suspended for at least two years and they will be charged with drug-related offenses, she said without elaborating.

■ Malaysia

Agency dupes job seekers

Hundreds of Malaysians applied to work as as flight attendants with Hong Kong's flag carrier Cathay Pacific, only to discover they were duped by a bogus recruitment agency, a report said yesterday. Some 800 job seekers earlier this month turned up at a hotel south of Kuala Lumpur for interviews organized by the agency, which hired Malaysian ex-Cathay staff members to conduct interviews and help out. But suspicions were raised when about 100 shortlisted candidates were asked to fork over 5,500 ringgit (US$1,508) for registration and training, the Star daily newspaper reported. "The agency had lured the applicants by promising a basic pay of US$3,000 dollars a month," said Michael Chong, a consumer activist with the Malaysian Chinese Association Party.

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