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■ China
Police fuming over lecture

An AIDS prevention lecture In Harbin aimed at sex workers who were given free condoms has sparked a strong rebuke from police, the Beijing News said yesterday. The Center for Disease Control held the lecture last week, calling the group of more than 50 sex workers "sisters" and telling them to call if they need help, the paper said. The lecture was "unacceptable," the police said. "The usually underground prostitutes labelled their profession on their foreheads this time. Being unable to crack down, the police were really upset," the paper said. "Education can be carried out in various forms," an unnamed police officer said. "But it is hard for us to accept this kind of public lecture."

■ China

Dysentery downs students

Seventy middle school students in Anhui Province were hospitalized with dysentery spread by their school's drinking water, the Xinhua news agency said yesterday. Starting Friday, more than 100 students at the Xincang Middle School in Taihu County had diarrhea and other symptoms of dysentery, Xinhua said. Yesterday, 34 students were still receiving treatment but were said to be stable.

■ American Samoa

Chinese deny sex trafficking

Two Chinese pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking charges in a US federal court in Honolulu on Friday following allegations they held two young compatriots as virtual sex slaves in their American Samoan karaoke bar. Wang Shengji, 35, and her business partner Kuo Fu Sheng, 39, could face up to 50 years in prison if found guilty. They are alleged to have lured two 24-year-old women with work in a shop, but put them to work as bar hostesses instead.

■ Indonesia
Gunman kills priest

A masked gunman killed a Christian priest yesterday on the island of Sulawesi, where religious tensions have been mounting since last month's executions of three Roman Catholic militants, officials said. National Police Chief General Sutanto said he ordered an investigation into the death of Irianto Kongkoli, who was shot in the head while visiting a shop with his wife in Palu, the provincial capital of Central Sulawesi. "We need to make sure such killings do not happen again," he told reporters in the capital Jakarta. Central Sulawesi Police Chief Badrudin Haiti said the shooter, who shot the priest with a 9mm pistol, sped off on a motorbike with an accomplice.

■ Malaysia

Boys stung to death

Two young Indonesian brothers who were attacked by wasps in Malaysia died after adults who saw them being chased by the swarm locked them out of a room to prevent getting stung themselves, news reports said yesterday. Aziz Rahman, 3, and his 4-year-old brother Fazrul were playing with their friend Nuri Mestinal at a palm oil plantation near Sibu in central Sarawak on Borneo island when they hit a wasps' nest on Sunday afternoon, the New Straits Times reported. The boys ran toward the plantation canteen screaming for help with the wasps close behind, the paper said. Plantation workers sitting in the cafeteria locked the door after seeing the swarm approaching, and only emerged after the wasps had left, the national news agency Bernama said.

■ Malaysia

Motorist drags, kills man

Fearing mob fury, a motorist fled the scene of an accident with a motorcyclist trapped under his van, killing the victim after dragging him for 2km, a news report said yesterday. The 29-year-old motorcyclist, G. Ragupati, was knocked down by a car in northern Kedah State on Sunday night. He was lying sprawled on the road when the van plowed into him, the New Straits Times said. The driver of the van stopped to see what he hit, but didn't realize that a person was entangled in the vehicle's undercarriage. The man panicked when he saw a crowd running toward him and sped away, the newspaper said. Villagers gave chase in cars and motorcycles, shouting and waving to draw his attention.

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