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Video reveals a West Bank tale of sex and blackmail

BETRAYALS Before he and a lover were shot in separate public killings, a Palestinian man confessed to becoming an informer for Israel under pressure


"The captain called back in the night and said go to the area where those guys were hiding. There I was, describing to the army how to get to the house, where the hiding place was, the secret wall," he said.

"The army went in and then the commander called and shouted at me, `Are you making fun of me? We were there and we didn't find them.' I said, `No, they are there. There's a really secret hiding place. You need to look harder.'"

The Israelis called Wedad.

"It was the woman who pointed the finger to exactly where they were," Jefal said on his video. Wedad does not admit to that final betrayal in her own video confession, but the pair admit to working together to lead the Israelis to the hideout, and only she had been inside the house.

The army blasted through the false wall, and before long the Palestinian militants were dead. A few hours later Capt Azer called Jefal and told him to go to the morgue to check on who the army had killed.

"I called the captain and told him, `You have your three martyrs,'" he said at the end of the recording.

After Ishtaiwi and his colleagues were killed the Aqsa brigades' leaders began hunting for an informer. The men who interrogated Jefal, and then killed him, do not wish to be identified by name.

"We found out that Muham-mad's wife was in a relationship with a man," said one of the brigades' commanders. "When we asked about Jefal we found out that he left his house at 3am. We discovered he had a special pass to get through the Israeli checkpoint. We decided to question him."

There was a final test. The interrogators made Jefal call Capt Azer.

The Aqsa brigades refuse to show Wedad's confession.

Death scenes

On Tuesday Jefal was dragged blindfolded into Balata's main street and thrown to the ground while his captors told the crowd of his confession. When Jefal tried to get away several men fired shots into him. Some in the crowd ran to kick his body.

Attention turned to Wedad. The Aqsa brigades' leaders say they did not kill her, and that it was a matter of family honor. Within an hour of Jefal's death armed men had told the family of her involvement.

Wedad was dragged into the street by her family and was about to be shot when a man pleaded that she not be killed in front of children. Witnesses said she remained silent -- seemingly resigned to her fate after being told of the death of her lover -- as she was hauled into the grounds of one of the West Bank's largest hospitals.

There, an armed man called for Wedad's brothers to come forward.

"You know what you need to do," he said.

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