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■ China
Big Brother is watching

Internet users in Shenzhen now have a constant reminder that Big Brother is watching them as online cartoons of police officers float on their screens to warn them not to access banned sites or discuss sensitive topics, state media said yesterday. The Shenzhen Public Security Bureau's Internet Surveillance Division this month launched the cartoons of a male and female police officer, which are designed to appear whenever someone logs onto a Web site or enters a chat room, the China Daily newspaper said.

■ China

Shop extortionists nabbed

Police have arrested three men suspected of trying to extort money from supermarkets in Shenzhen, following a small explosion that forced the evacuation of 1,000 customers at a Carrefour store, state media said yesterday. The three men are believed to have made several bombs to use in their extortion attempts, but police caught them by depositing money into one of their bank accounts and arresting one of the men after he withdrew cash from the account, the China Daily newspaper said. The 23-year-old man "quickly confessed and identified his two accomplices.

■ China

Store blast kills eight

An explosion at a grocery store in Henan Province killed eight people, including the store owner and his wife, state media reported yesterday. Another eight people were injured when a gas tank exploded on Tuesday afternoon at a store in Xiangcheng City, Xinhua reported. The store owner, Li Guochang, his wife and two members of their family were killed, as well as two customers who were in the store at the time.

■ Australia
Cartoonist helps nab thief

A professional cartoonist helped nab a suspected burglar by drawing a caricature of the would-be offender and handing it over to police, Sydney's Daily Telegraph reported yesterday. Bill "Weg" Green, 82, confronted the alleged thief while he was trying to steal a bicycle parked in the backyard of his Melbourne home, the newspaper reported. "I came out the back door and suddenly saw this bloke tearing through the [yard]," Green said. Green, a professional cartoonist, sketched a caricature of the man and handed it over to police, who arrested the alleged offender within 30 minutes at a nearby shop, the paper said. "We just couldn't believe how much of a likeness he was to the picture that Weg had drawn," Melbourne police officer Aaron Roche told the paper.

■ Indonesia

King visits Indonesia

King Syed Sirajuddin Putra Jamalullail was due to arrive in Indonesia yesterday for a six-day visit during which he will receive an honorary degree from a leading university, officials said. The king and his wife Queen Fauziah Abdul Rashid were to be welcomed to the country by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at an official ceremony at the state palace. Later yesterday, the king was scheduled to visit the headquarters of Indonesia's special forces and pay a call on the speaker of parliament, said presidential spokesman Andi Mallarangeng.

■ Malaysia

Tycooon sues family

A 92-year-old tycoon has sued his wife and children for the control of a 100 million ringgit (US$26 million) business, saying they drugged him to make him sign over the assets, a news report said yesterday. Loh Kim Foh, the founder of Lohman Holdings, alleged that the defendants conspired to defraud and deprive him of his fortune, the Star newspaper said. Those named in the suit are Loh's second wife, Wong Kim, 84, a son and three daughters, the Star said. Loh's suit claims he signed over a controlling share of the company to them in July 2001 after they secretly drugged him using prostate cancer medication.

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