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■ Malaysia
Harassment cases probed

The government is planning new measures to prevent sexual harassment of female workers in the private sector. Human Resources Minister Fong Chan Onn said the steps were expected to be approved in parliament next month under various amendments to Malaysia's employment act. "There was a consensus that all private companies establish sexual harassment committees," Fong said. The committees would investigate complaints by female workers on violations such as being asked for sexual favors, being ogled at by colleagues and being the target of offensive jokes. The measures would be similar to guidelines on sexual harassment that were implemented earlier this year in all government offices.

■ Singapore

Guitarist falls to his death

A 16-year-old Chinese boy studying in Singapore fell to his death from a hostel room after jumping up and down on his bed while playing a guitar. Li Xiaomeng, a private-school student from Beijing, was with his roommate Wang Bingyi, also 16, in their third-floor room on Thursday night when the freak incident happened. Li's bed was right next to an open window. "We were in the room and he was playing the guitar. He got excited and started jumping on the bed and continued playing at the same time," Wang said. "Then I turned my back for a while and the next thing I heard was a loud bang and he's not on the bed anymore." The Singapore police classified the incident as an "unnatural death" requiring further investigation, but another friend said Li was prone to jumping on his bed while playing his guitar.

■ Indonesia
School expels randy students

An Indonesian school has kicked out 11 high school students for doing illegal sexual activities inside the classroom, a local report said yesterday. Members of the school board in Cianjur, West Java, some 120km southeast of Jakarta, decided to return all the students to their parents after ruling them guilty of "shameful" acts. According to Laelasari, the 11 students were expelled after the school found out they had engaged in illegal sexual acts inside the school property. Two couples reportedly performed oral sex activities when the teacher left the classroom, and recorded their acts with mobile-phone cameras in front the entire class. Indonesian authorities in some provinces often raid hotels and arrest "illegal couples" for having sex without a marriage certificate, since it is forbidden by law.

■ Malaysia

Officials bristle at terror link

Malaysia has urged other countries not to perceive it as being a springboard for terrorists, even though some of its citizens have been linked to militant activities overseas, news reports said yesterday. Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak expressed regret that two Malaysians, Azahari Husin and Noordin Top, have been among Indonesia's most wanted terror suspects in recent years. Azahari, who was considered a key leader of the regional Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist network, was killed by Indonesian police earlier this month, while Noordin remains on the loose. "We feel that it was unfortunate that Malaysians were involved but, other than that, we should not by right be held responsible for their actions," Najib was quoted as saying by the Star newspaper.

■ Japan

Coffee good for you: study

A Japanese medical research team has discovered drinking a cup of coffee or two a day could lower the risk of high blood pressure, a report said yesterday. The team led by a researcher at Keio University conducted the study on 4,554 men aged from their 20s to 70s who visited Tokyo clinics for checkups on lifestyle-related disease from October 2003 to March last year, the Tokyo Shimbun said. The study found that people who drank no coffee had the biggest ratio of high blood pressure, with the lowest risk of high blood pressure in the category drinking three cups or more, it said.

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