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Sex and drugs, but no rock and roll in new Dutch TV show

GOING TOO FAR?A new program is pushing the boundarie of taste, although it claims to be educating the nation's youth about life and love


The country that unleashed the Big Brother reality TV show on the world has taken reality television a step further: a late-night Dutch talkshow whose presenters will consume drugs and engage in sex acts on air, then discuss their experiences afterwards.

The live Spuiten & Slikken show -- which can be translated either as Inject & Swallow or Ejaculate & Swallow -- starts on Oct. 10 on the Dutch youth channel BNN, which last upset viewer sensibilities with a program entitled "This is How You Screw."

"We're not setting out to shock, but to inform," said a show producer, Sjoerd van den Broek. "The idea is to treat these subjects like a piece of theater, to review them if you like. There's been endless idle chat about these matters, but never an adult critique."

Main presenter Filemon Wesselink, 26, is billed to go on a pub crawl, take heroin in the form of a pill, and try LSD at home on the sofa under the watchful eye of his mother. He will also retire into a locked room and try to establish whether oral sex is better from a man or a woman.

Meanwhile, his co-presenter, Ties van Westing, will interview both Wesselink and guests about their sexual and/or narcotic practices. "We just want to explain really clearly what all this stuff actually does to you," Mr Van den Broek said.

News of the show has caused a fuss even in the liberal Netherlands, where marijuana is sold and used openly and red light districts display near-naked prostitutes in shop windows."This is dangerous and sets a bad example," a spokesman for the governing Christian Democrat party said.

A justice ministry spokesman said that parts of the show were "probably illegal", but it was not yet clear whether anyone could be prosecuted.

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