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■ United Kingdom

Stabber was mentally ill

A man who went on the rampage through the streets of London, randomly stabbing one man to death and leaving five other people seriously injured, has a history of mental illness, police said Thursday. The man drove across 15.5km2 area of north London at the height of the morning rush hour, stopping and stabbing victims at random in six locations. The hour-long series of attacks left one 58-year-old man dead and three others people needing surgery after suffering life-threatening wounds. The attacks ended only after police traced the suspect from the registered address of the car he was using.

■ United States

Bush mulls Sudan sanctions

US President George W. Bush signed legislation into law on Thursday that urges him to freeze the assets of Sudanese officials and government-run businesses to protest the violence in Darfur. The administration said it was considering whether to act on the proposed sanctions. Relief convoys are being attacked in Sudan's western Darfur region and peace talks stalled while 1.8 million people have been forced to leave their homes. The Africa Union is deploying monitors and troops but is still far short of the 3,300 personnel expected.

■ United Kingdom

Queen's cousin banned

Britain's Duke of Gloucester, a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, has his presidency of a motoring organization on the line after being banned for speeding, a daily newspaper reported yesterday. Membership of the Institute of Advanced Motorists is automatically revoked if members lose their driving licence, The Times said. The duke was handed a six-month driving ban and fined ?60 pounds (US$115) with ?35 in costs by a court in Ely, eastern England, after being caught by a speed camera driving at 113kph in a 97kph zone. "I don't recall the offence so I don't really know what the circumstances were," said the duke.

■ United StatesKuwaiti freed from prison

US authorities are releasing one of 11 Kuwaiti detainees held at a military detention center for terror suspects in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, according to a group of family members and a lawyer. Nasser al-Mutairi is a 26-year-old employee of the Kuwaiti Education Ministry whose family says he was teaching English in Afghanistan when he was captured three years ago. He is expected home soon aboard a special plane sent by the Kuwaiti government, said Kalid al-Odha, the father of another Kuwaiti detainee. US. military officials declined to comment, citing Defense Department policy that requires a detainee to no longer be in US custody before his or her case can be discussed.

■ United States

Ship found partially sunk

Days after violent storms forced cleanup crews to leave a freighter that split apart, a salvage team returned to find the bow section had sunk, likely spilling another 666,200 liters of oil near an environ-mentally sensitive area of Unalaska Island. Crews still plan to unload more than 302,800 liters of fuel from tanks in the stern of the Selendang Ayu. But the three biggest tanks -- totaling 1.2 million liters of oil -- are believed to be ruptured and the fuel inside lost, Coast Guard Petty Officer Sara Francis said Thursday. The ship was split in two after running aground Dec. 8 in the Aleutian chain. The 225m freighter was carrying soybeans, 1.6 million liters of fuel oil and 68,135 liters of diesel.

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