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Police kill anti-US cleric

Yemeni forces yesterday killed anti-US rebel cleric Hussein al-Houthi and some of his supporters, ending two months of clashes that have left over 200 rebels and troops dead, a government official said. "We can confirm that Houthi and tens of his supporters were killed today in morning fighting," the official said. "This is the end of the rebellion." The government accuses Houthi of setting up unlicensed religious centers and of forming an armed group which has staged violent protests against the US and Israel. Yemen had offered a US$54,000 reward for Houthi's capture.

South Africa

Runaway hippo sought

A young hippopotamus, bullied by his herd's dominant male, has escaped from a Cape Town nature reserve is on the run and could pose a threat to traffic, sailing dinghies and local people. The animal, who is 1.5m tall and could weigh up to a tonne, first fled to a sewage works after a fence was stolen and from there into the Zeekoevlei area, a network of waterways and grassland often used for water sports and recreation. "This weekend there is a massive regatta there," conservation officer Clifford Dorse said. "I would advise that people don't go into the water until it's located."


Tomato poses legal riddle

The mushy remains of a tomato thrown at a prominent member of Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's Social Democrats has posed a legal dilemma for authorities trying to assess how to punish the thrower. Police investigating the fruit, thrown by an unemployed protester at Brandenburg's premier, said on Thursday they have concluded it was a yellow tomato. Had it been a soft red one, the man would have faced a lesser charge of causing malicious damage. A harder, green tomato could carry a charge of bodily harm. A yellow one is somewhere in between.


Crimean war remembered

The opposing sides in the Crimean War began commemorations on Thursday of the 150th anniversary of the start of the gruelling two-year conflict that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. Delegations from Britain, France, Italy, Turkey and Russia arrived in the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea to remember a conflict that pitted Russia against other European countries. Yesterday, the foreign delegations were to unveil monuments for their dead from the war and also place wreaths on a monument named the "Stone of Reconciliation."

United States

Saudi link ignored, book says

US Senator Bob Graham, intelligence committee chairman in the run-up to the Iraq war, said on Sunday the Bush administration had "taken every step" to shield Saudi Arabia from links to the Sept. 11 attacks. The Florida Democrat in 2002 helped launch a joint inquiry with the House Intelligence Comm-ittee that produced a report on intelligence failures related to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. He told NBC's Meet the Press that his new book, Intelli-gence Matters, makes the case on "the extent to which Saudi Arabia was a key part of making 9/11 happen."

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