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■ United States

Buckle up, Fido

Dogs will be forced to fasten their safety belts in addition to their collars if traveling by car in the New Mexico city of Santa Fe, if officials get their way. Under a proposed new law, dogs will be required to buckle up along with their masters when riding in vehicles to protect themselves and other people when gadding about the city. Councilor Carol Robertson Lopez said the intention of the change to the animal-control ordinance was to stop dogs from being injured as well as to stop them from lunging at people walking nearby.

■ Spain

Maria stays a sailor

A transsexual Spanish sailor said on Thursday he would be allowed to stay in the Navy as a woman after a medical report said this did not interfere with his duties. Officers at the Rota naval base in southern Spain had opened a case against Seaman Jose Antonio Gordo Pantoja, a nine-year Navy veteran, last year. According to Gordo Pantoja, now known as Maria del Mar, literally "Mary of the Sea," the case is a first in Spain. The sailor's contract expired last month but was extended until a decision was made on the case. Gordo Pantoja said he was waiting to renew his contract and be assigned a base.

■ Israel

Army uses tiny spy drones

The Israeli military is equipping its forces with

a new range of spy drones small enough to fit in a soldier's backpack, including one that weighs less than a can of soda, the army said on Thursday. The Israeli air force has frequently used larger unmanned spy planes to track and target Palestinian militants during airstrikes. The new mini-drones would also give army forces in the field on-the-spot access to aerial intelligence. The small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and the futuristic looking micro-UAVs were displayed on Thursday at an army conference. The new baby drones have already been supplied to some ground units.

■ Israel

Hundreds flock to see lamb

Hundreds of Palestinians gathered to see a lamb born with what looked like "Allah" spelled out in Arabic on its coat. Onlookers in the West Bank town of Hebron said Wednesday the real significance was the fact the animal was born on Monday -- the day Israel assassinated Hamas leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin. "This is clear evidence of God's existence," the lamb's owner Yahya Atrash told reporters. "It was born with the words `Allah' on one side and `Mohammed' on the other." Palestinians said the Arabic letters of the name of God could be made out on the lamb's left flank, but it was harder to see the name of the Prophet Mohammed.

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