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■ China

Shanghai has 20m people

China's biggest city has gotten even bigger. Shang-hai's population has surged to more than 20 million people, soaring by 3 million over the past year amid a flood of job seekers from other parts of China, an official newspaper said yesterday. Mayor Han Zheng, speaking at a conference of Asian leaders, said creating new jobs for the swelling population was the top priority for China's business capital, the Shanghai Daily said. Shanghai's population of registered residents stood at 13.3 million at the end of last year, with more than 3 million more temporary residents, the paper said.

■ Australia

Aboriginal art in Tasmania

Aboriginal rock art believed to date back at least 11,000 years has been discovered in Tasmania, local indigenous leaders said yesterday. Tasmanian Aboriginal Land Council manager Brian Mansell said about 35 paintings and hand stencils were discovered in a cave in the island's southwest by a group undertaking work for the local forestry authority

in November last year. The find had been kept secret

for fear unwanted visitors would try to access the site. The council estimates the paintings at about 11,000 years old, while other local experts date it at around 15,000 years.

■ singapore

Sewage a tourist must-see

A factory that turns sewage into drinking water is being promoted as Singapore's latest tourist attraction, local media reported yesterday. The government launched an aggressive campaign last year to prepare Singa-poreans for waste water that is processed so that it is clean enough to drink, a product dubbed "Newater." Singapore's Public Utilities Board has printed glossy brochures about the Newater plant, which will be distributed at hotels, tour agencies and other tourist attractions, the Straits Times daily said. Tourists are not shown the actual process of sewage being transformed into Newater, but they do get to take home a freshly produced bottle.

■ Australia

Ham was on sheep's menu

Tests have confirmed that animal rights activists protesting Australia's live export industry fed ham to sheep waiting for export to Kuwait, government officials said yesterday. The move left 1,800 sheep unsuitable for export to Islamic buyers in Kuwait because pork, and anything it comes into contact with, is considered unclean by Muslims, Victoria state's chief veterinary officer said. However, the remaining 73,000 sheep in the flock did not come into contact with the ham and have been cleared for export, officials said. Dock workers began loading them onto a livestock ship yesterday and they were expected to set off for Kuwait today. Animal Liberation campaigner Ralph Hahnheuser will appear in court next month on charges of trespassing and contami-nating goods to cause economic loss.

■ Hong Kong

Counterfeiting ring smashed

Police said yesterday they had smashed a counter-feiting factory turning out up to 1,000 fake coins a day. The factory was producing bogus HK$10 coins (US$1.5), which were then sold to shops for between HK$4 and HK$7 each, police said. Twenty thousand fake coins were seized and 13 people arrested in the raid following a six-month police operation to smash the syndicate. The machines used to turn out the counterfeit coins are believed to have been brought from China.

■ Honduras

Drugs on sale in parliament

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