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Royal butler chides William and Harry

PUBLIC SECRETS Paul Burrell has no regrets over the controversy stirred up by his new book, hitting back with attacks on both the princes and palace officials


The former butler of Britain's late princess Diana on Sunday refused to back down over the escalating row caused by sensational revelations he has made about her most intimate secrets.

In an interview with the BBC, Paul Burrell said he would like to give Princes William and Harry "a piece of his mind" and told them to "grow up," after they accused him last week of betraying them and their mother.

Burrell also claimed that the two, the only sons of Diana and heir to the British throne Prince Charles, were being exploited as "emotional cannons" by the "grey men in suits" at Buckingham Palace.

"I felt immediately that those boys were being manipulated and massaged by the system," he said, " ... by those people who did exactly the same to their mother," he said.

"I am angry with them," he added.

In The Sunday Times, Burrell warned that his revelation that Diana suspected a plot to have her killed months before her actual death was just the "tip of the iceberg" and that he was prepared to reveal even more explosive secrets.

Burrell's vow came after Diana's sons launched an unprecedented attack on Burrell, accusing him of a "cold and overt betrayal" of their mother in his new book.

In his interview with the BBC, the former royal butler said that he would have been prepared to halt publication of the book if the two princes had asked him to do so.

"Just one telephone call would have stopped it, one," he said.

Princes William, 21, and Harry, 19, said last Friday that Diana, who died in a 1997 car crash in Paris, would have been mortified at his string of revelations, which also included details about her lovers.

But Burrell insists he has done nothing wrong.

"I know where the boundary is and I do not cross that line. Anything I reveal is to illustrate a fact. Other books have been rather sad betrayals," Burrell told The Sunday Times.

Burrell's revelations were disclosed last week in Britain's Daily Mirror tabloid and are to be expanded in his book, A Royal Duty, which was to go on sale yesterday.

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