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■ Indonesia
Another Bali bomber jailed

An Indonesian Muslim militant was jailed for life yesterday for his key role in last year's deadly bombings on the holiday island of Bali, which killed 202 people. Mubarok's sentence was the latest in a string of verdicts against Muslim radicals who blew up two nightclubs in Bali in October last year, killing mostly foreign tourists. Judges at the Denpasar district court said they had found Mubarok guilty of taking part in plotting an attack that put Indonesia and its minority of radical Muslims under the global microscope.

■ China

Dissident awaits verdict

The subversion trial of cyber-dissident Ouyang Yi ended yesterday without a verdict in Chengdu, apparently due to a lack of sufficient evidence, the dissident's lawyer said. "The prosecutor could not explain the evidence and did not produce evidence that Ouyang Yi intended to overthrow the government or instigate the overthrow of the government," lawyer Qiu Shiming said. "A verdict is expected but I don't know when," Qiu said. Ouyang, 35, allegedly gathered signatures for open letters to the Communist Party ahead of a crucial party meeting last year that called for greater democracy in China and the release of dissidents rounded up for publishing their views on the Internet.

■ Australia

Sydney's beaches cleaner

Visitors to Sydney's seaside no longer risk what one official called "swimming in sewage grease," according to an official report that says the city's famous beaches are getting cleaner. New figures released yesterday showed that beach water in Australia's most populous city is the cleanest it's been since pollution tests were started in the 1980s. The New South Wales state government's "State of the Beaches" report found 22 of the city's 35 ocean beaches complied with criteria for safe bacteria levels over the last year. Nine more were clean eight out of 10 days, while the remaining four had an average of 68 percent compliance with clean water standards.

■ Australia

Sheep ship to set sail

More than 50,000 Australian sheep stranded at sea in the Gulf for seven weeks were to begin their voyage back to Australia for slaughter last night, the Australian government said. The ship carrying the unwanted sheep, Dutch-owned MV Cormo Express, had been scheduled to leave Kuwait on Wednesday night but missed the tide, a spokesman for Agriculture Minister Warren Truss said yesterday. The Australian government is still trying to convince countries in the Middle East to accept the sheep as a A$4.5 million (US$3.1 million) gift, but without success.

■ India

New kind of frog found

A new species of frog, whose ancestors hopped around at the feet of the dinosaurs, has been discovered in the mountains of southern India, scientists said on Wednesday. The purple, small-headed creature with tiny eyes, protruding snout and a bloated appearance belongs to a new family of frogs that scientists thought had either never existed or had disappeared without trace millions of years ago. "It is not just a new species. It represents a deep branch in the evolutionary tree of frogs, and as such merits the establishment of a new family," said Franky Bossuyt, an evolutionary biologist at the Free University of Brussels in Belgium.

■ United Kingdom
Brits fail breath test

More than half of Britons could have breath that smells worse that their pet's, according to a survey released on Thursday. And women are the worst offenders, with three out of five failing a sulphur emissions test, according to research by toothpaste manufacturer Aquafresh. "Some mouths may be dirtier than cat litter," dentist Brian Grieveson said in a statement. "Most people in the UK do not realize that cleaning your tongue is as important as cleaning your teeth," he added. Scots had the best oral hygiene, with only 10 percent suffering bad breath, compared to 27 percent in London. Throughout the nation, 52 percent were rated at a level that could be worse than that of a pet animal.

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