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Iraqi unrest unabated

COMMAND, CONTROL The US is still working toward total dominance over Iraq, returning fire on attackers, and preventing smuggling of fossil fuels


So far, American authorities have said, they do not believe terrorist groups like Ansar or any foreign fighters have played a major role in guerrilla assaults on US forces.

Instead, they believe the attacks are the work of remnants of Saddam's regime -- his Republican Guard, Fedayeen militia and intelligence services.

The US military in Baghdad said troops acting on an Iraqi tip seized and destroyed 24 rocket-propelled grenades, improvised explosives and other weapons. In two other raids in and around Baghdad in the past 24 hours, US troops also seized one surface-to-air missile and captured 13 Saddam loyalists with 47 AK-47s, the military said.

Also Saturday, Dubai-based Al-Arabiya TV broadcast a videotape of a group of men saying they belong to three Islamic groups -- "White Banners," "Muslim Youth" and "Mohammed's Army" -- and claiming responsibility for recent attacks on US troops in Baghdad's al-Rashid and Karadah neighborhoods.

The men, their faces covered with red kaffiyeh headscarves, warned that "the foreign troops ... should be attacked in order to show to the world that we are against the occupation" of Iraq.

They condemned the attack on the Jordanian Embassy as an act of "sabotage ... by spies and traitors."

It was not immediately possible to confirm whether the tape was authentic.

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