MOEA touts chips, flat panels


Wed, May 15, 2002 - Page 18

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has every confidence in the nation's semiconductor and flat-panel display industries, saying the production value of the two industries will top NT$1 trillion (US$28.88 billion) in a few years.

Economic officials made the remarks when they introduced the "twin trillion, twin star" (兩兆雙星) project to the Elite Alliance (菁英聯盟), a 25-member group of opposition KMT legislators.

Minister of Economic Affairs Lin Yi-fu (林義夫) said the project refers to the production value of the two industries, namely the semiconductor and flat-panel display industries, of NT$1 trillion (US$28.49 billion) each in a few years, and the two "star" industries of digital content and biotech.

Vice Minister of Economic Affairs Shih Yen-hsiang (施顏祥) said that if the global semiconductor industry rebounds, then the production value of Taiwan's semiconductor industry will hit NT$1 trillion in two or three years. The semiconductor sector, affected by the sluggish economy last year, had a production value of more than NT$500 billion last year and is expected to reach NT$700 billion this year, he said.