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Executive Yuan approves NAA document collection

By Lee Hsin-fang

The Executive Yuan has approved a request to collect and organize political documents for use in researching historical truth for transitional justice, with the National Archives Administration (NAA) to have access to documents relating to the 228 Incident, the White Terror era and the FormosaFULL STORY

Hau calls on police to monitor CKS hall vandalism

By Stacy Hsu

Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Vice Chairman Hau Lung-bin (郝龍斌) yesterday warned the public against vandalizing the Chiang Kai-shek (蔣介石) Memorial Hall in Taipei on the 70th anniversary of the 228 Incident tomorrow, saying that damaging a national monument is a criminal offense. “Yesterday ... I sawFULL STORY

Series of events set to cast light on 228, White Terror

A Ministry of Culture is planning a series of events starting in April to promote transitional justice. A series of activities in Taiwan and overseas, including seminars, artistic performances, film festivals and exhibitions, is aimed at starting public discussion about Taiwanese history through artsFULL STORY

Missile command set to be merged with air force

By Chen Wei-han

The Air Defense Missile Command is to be merged with the air force next month, a move expected to enhance and streamline the nation’s air defense command system. The merger is to take effect on Wednesday — with command, now under the management of theFULL STORY

Ex-president Ma in US for 12-day visit with leaders

Former president Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) is to depart today for a 12-day visit to the US that will take him to New York, Boston and Washington for visits with academics, members of Congress and Taiwanese expatriates. Ma is to fly into New York, where heFULL STORY

Taiwan to aid Nauru in egg production

By Lu Yi-hsuan and Jake Chung

Taiwan is assisting the Republic of Nauru with egg production in a bid to diversify Nauruans’ dietary proteins. Nauruans mainly rely on fish and canned foods for protein and lack meat and vegetable proteins, Ministry of Foreign Affairs-affiliated International Cooperation and Development Fund deputy secretary-general ChenFULL STORY

Water leaks detected on airport metro platforms

By Chiu I-tung

Water leaks were detected in several stations along the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport metro rail line following heavy rains in northern Taiwan over the past week. The line is to begin commercial operations on Thursday, but several elevated stations, including Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital StationFULL STORY

Taipei to launch free cancer screenings

By Lee I-chia

The Taipei Department of Health yesterday said it will offer free cancer screenings for eligible residents starting next week. Starting on Saturday, free health examinations and 60 screening sessions for four types of cancer will be offered to eligible adult residents, the department said, addingFULL STORY

Taoyuan inks deal with US county to promote exchanges

By Sean Lin

The Taoyuan City Government and the San Bernardino County Government on Friday signed a twinning partnership agreement to promote logistics exchanges and develop “smart” city services. Taiwan and the US have close ties, and since many Taiwanese live in San Bernardino, California, the link between TaiwanFULL STORY

‘God’s palette’ attracting photographers, backpackers

By Tung Chen-kuo and Jonathan Chin

Every year in the dry season from February to March, a group of nature photographers and backpackers travel to the Aboriginal village of Wujie (武界) in Nantou County to witness the transformation of the Jhuoshuei River (濁水溪) into swirling colors of red and green. Named “God’sFULL STORY

Police bring in screaming schoolgirl covered in blood after cars vandalized

By Wang Chin-yi and William Hetherington

A high-school student from Yilan City was taken to a police station in Hualien on Friday after she allegedly vandalized several cars. Police said one of the car owners came to the station to report that they found several scratch marks across their vehicle’s body andFULL STORY

Taiwan News Quick Take

ENTERTAINMENT X-men in Taipei Australian actor Hugh Jackman, known for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men movies, arrived in Taiwan yesterday to promote Logan, which is expected to be the final time he plays the character on the big screen. Patrick Stewart, who plays Professor XFULL STORY

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