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KMT caucus avoids meeting premier

By Alison Hsiao

Premier-designate Lin Chuan (林全) yesterday met with Legislative Speaker Su Jia-chyuan (蘇嘉全) and representatives from all party caucuses at the Legislative Yuan, except that of the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT), whose caucus whip said they were following the precedent set by the Democratic Progressive PartyFULL STORY

Keep eye on big picture in trade: US advisor

Staff writer, with CNA

Taiwan should not lose sight of the big picture in its trade relations with the US, as US pork imports are only one of the many trade matters being discussed between the two sides, a US Department of State official said on Tuesday. “We canFULL STORY

Logistics of a US carrier port call not assessed: ministry

The Port of Kaohsiung is capable of accommodating the USS John C. Stennis aircraft carrier, but no assessment has ever been made of the Taiwanese military’s ability to provide logistics support for such a vessel, a top Ministry of National Defense official said yesterday. There isFULL STORY

NCC touts draft convergence acts

By Shelley Shan

The incoming Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration should not be so arrogant as to simply disregard the draft acts the National Communications Commission (NCC) formulated to address the issues raised by digital convergence, NCC Chairperson Howard Shyr (石世豪) said yesterday. The five dract acts, covering electronicFULL STORY

Suspected fraud detainees to stay in China: minister

Minister of Justice Luo Ying-shay (羅瑩雪) yesterday said that it is not possible to bring back Taiwanese deported to China for alleged telecommunications fraud before May 20, when president-elect Tsai Ing-wen’s (蔡英文) administration assumes office. Luo made the remarks in a report submitted to aFULL STORY

Detained fishing boat returns to Pingtung

The Tung Sheng Chi No. 16 and its crew returned to Pingtung County yesterday, 11 days after being detained by the Japan Coast Guard near the Okinotori atoll, and Premier Simon Chang (張善政) vowed to seek justice for the fishermen. Captain Pan Chien-peng’s (潘建鵬) motherFULL STORY

Japan Coast Guard blocks Taiwanese research ship

By Chen Wei-han

A Taiwanese research vessel operating in waters near Okinawa was blocked by the Japan Coast Guard on Wednesday, the latest maritime dispute between the two nations following the seizure of a Taiwanese fishing by boat Japanese authorities last week. The Ocean Researcher I, which belongs toFULL STORY

Minister slams Supreme Court

By Jason Pan

Minister of Justice Luo Ying-shay (羅瑩雪) yesterday criticized a Supreme Court ruling in which the judges cited the high grades convicted killer Tseng Chih-chung (曾智忠) received at school when commuting his death sentence to life in prison. In Wednesday’s ruling, the Supreme Court turned down anFULL STORY

Kindergarten marketing criticized

By Abraham Gerber

Fierce competition and weak regulation have made deceptive marketing and legally dubious practices widespread among private kindergartens, teachers’ union members said yesterday. “Private kindergartens exist to make money, which gives rise to a wide variety of sales pitches and other gimmicks,” National Federation of Teachers’ UnionsFULL STORY

Siberian crane on brink of departing

An endangered Siberian crane which got lost and accidentally migrated to a northern Taiwan wetland in December 2014 was seen on a riverbank in northern Taiwan yesterday, birdwatchers said. Taiwan Ecological Engineering Development Foundation deputy executive director Chiu Ming-yuan (邱銘源) said the crane was seen withFULL STORY

Monitor elderly mothers’ health, psychiatrist says

By Lee I-chia

Ahead of Mother’s Day on Sunday, a Taipei psychiatrist yesterday encouraged people to pay attention to the health of elderly mothers who live alone, as studies have shown that the prevalence of depression in elderly women is higher than in their male counterparts. Shih Chia-tso (施佳佐),FULL STORY

NTU’s reputation declines for third straight year: poll

National Taiwan University’s (NTU) global reputation ranking has slipped for the third consecutive year, according to the results of a survey announced on Wednesday by British magazine Times Higher Education. Harvard University had the best reputation among the world’s universities for the sixth straight year. The TimesFULL STORY

Women passing on surnames minimal

By Abraham Gerber

Social pressure deters mothers from using their legal right to pass on their surnames, women’s rights campaigners said yesterday, adding that the number of children taking their mother’s surname remains minimal. “Many mothers who give birth to girls are pressured into having more children, as onlyFULL STORY

Taipei eases regulations on Shezidao development

By Sean Lin

The Taipei City Government yesterday said it has eased the regulations it had set for an urban renewal project in the Shezidao (社子島) Peninsula in Shilin District (士林), with the city’s Urban Planning Commission saying that the floor space index for new buildings was raisedFULL STORY

Police stop foreign workers disguised as tourists

Police found 34 suspected illegal foreign workers disguised as tourists traveling in a tour bus in Chiayi County, officials said. Working in cooperation with immigration officials, police stopped the tour bus in the county’s Jhongpu Township (中浦) on Provincial Highway No. 3, along with aFULL STORY

Cabinet approves easing ban on pet drugs from abroad

The Cabinet yesterday approved amendments to the Veterinary Drugs Control Act (動物用藥品管理法) that would allow owners to bring medicines from abroad for their pets. The amendments are to be sent to the legislature for ratification. The proposal would allow Taiwanese travelers and employees in theFULL STORY

Cat-loving cop sells slang

By Yen Hung-chun and Jonathan Chin

A police traffic officer in Changhua County’s Yuanlin Township (員林), Chu Ya-ching (朱雅琴), said she has begun to subsidize her support of the dozens of stray cats she looks after by selling stickers used on the popular messaging app Line. Chu said she spends about NT$20,000FULL STORY

Ancient remains found in sewers

By Wang Chun-chi and Jake Chung

Ancient human remains found in Hualien in early January are about 1,000 years old, carbon-14 dating tests have shown. Human teeth found among a set of bones dug up from the sewers in Hualien were sent to the US for tests. The remains were returned toFULL STORY

Betel nut use during pregnancy linked to low birth rates, fewer male babies

By Fang Chih-hsien and Jonathan Chin

Chewing betel nut during pregnancy has been linked to low birth weight and a lower rate of conceiving male children, a researcher at Kaohsiung Medical University says. Yang Mei-sang (楊美賞), a professor of nursing, said that babies born to women who chewed betel nut during pregnancyFULL STORY

Mango harvest in Tainan to be worst in past five decades

By Liu Wan-chun and Jonathan Chin

Abnormally low temperatures and heavy rainfall this year have ruined the mango harvest in Tainan, with yields expected to fall to 20 percent of the annual average, local farmers said. The harvest this year is anticipated to be “the worst in five decades,” Guantian Farmers’ AssociationFULL STORY

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