NCC renews Chunghwa Telecom’s fixed satellite communications service license

By Shelley Shan  /  Staff reporter

Thu, Dec 06, 2018 - Page 2

The National Communications Commission (NCC) yesterday renewed Chunghwa Telecom’s license to operate its fixed satellite communications service, but said it reserves the right to revoke the license if the frequency band is used for 5G service.

The telecom’s current license expires on Sunday, the commission said, adding that the renewal license would allow the company to offer satellite communications services for 10 years, from Monday until Dec. 9, 2028.

The services encompass satellite signal transmissions of TV programs, a backup system for offshore cables, and the very small aperture terminal used by homes and businesses, among others.

The company is also an agent of Inmarsat, a London-based satellite communications company, and Thuraya, a United Arab Emirates-based global satellite operator.

“The frequency band from 3.4Gigahertz [GHz] to 3.6GHz, which Chunghwa Telecom currently uses for the operation of the ST-2 satellite [中新二號], may be used to developed a 5G system,” the NCC said.

“To ensure the effective development of 5G service, as well as efficient and harmonious use of the frequency spectrum, we follow the Administrative Procedure Act (行政程序法), which allows the commission to reserve the right to revoke its administrative ruling,” it said.

The ST-2 is jointly operated by Chunghwa Telecom and Singapore Telecom.

In other developments, the nation still had 228,199 3G service users as of Nov.15, down from about 5.51 million on Dec. 31 last year, the commission said.

The 3G license is to expire on Dec. 31.

Telecoms have unveiled a series of measures to ensure smooth transition from 3G to 4G service, including keeping 3G service users’ phone numbers until June 30 next year, even if they do not switch to 4G service by the end of this year, to allow them time to migrate to 4G service.