Police name suspects in Pingtung killings

By Jason Pan  /  Staff reporter

Mon, Jun 04, 2018 - Page 3

Police in Pingtung County yesterday said they have identified two alleged gang members as key suspects in the death of two people in two related incidents on Saturday.

“We have arrested 21 people, including two key suspects, Yin Tzu-hsiang (鄞子翔), 22, and Wang Nien-ping (王念平), 25, who are believed to be the instigators of a scuffle and shooting that took place on Saturday,” Chaozhou (潮州) Police Precinct Chief Yang Feng-ming (楊峰明) said.

Most of the suspects are men in their 20s who are friends and associates of Yin and Wang, Yang said, adding that five suspects are minors who became involved in the brawl after messages were sent on social media platforms.

“Preliminary investigations showed that the incident was caused by a dispute between Yin and Wang over a woman. The woman, surnamed Lee (李), was dating Yin, but they recently broke up and she became acquainted with Wang and his friends,” Yang said.

Yin allegedly beat Lee and took naked photographs of her when she wanted to end their relationship, investigators said.

She later told her friends, including Wang, about what had happened, they said.

After arguing online, Yin and Wang challenged each other to a fight and decided to meet near a gas station in Chaozhou Township, investigators said.

Yin and Wang both showed up with friends carrying baseball bats, wooden clubs and knives, which police later confiscated as evidence, they added.

During the brawl, Huang Chien-chun (黃健鈞), 23, was hit on the head and was rushed to the Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital, along with two others who had also sustained injuries, investigators said.

Huang later the same day died at the hospital, they said, adding that he was allegedly a member of a gang and was asked by Wang to join the fight.

Wang and his friends then went looking for Yin, who had allegedly beat Huang to death, and mistook 23-year-old Ho Sheng-wen’s (何勝文) vehicle for the one driven by Yin, investigators said.

Footage from surveillance cameras showed Ho’s car being surrounded by motorcycles and other cars driven by people from Wang’s group, they said, adding that it showed one of the people shooting Ho.

Ho was serving in a unit responsible for security maintenance for the Republic of China Marine Corps Air Defense Group based in Kaohsiung’s Zuoying (左營) naval base.

“It appears that Ho was shot from behind and investigators have found three spent bullet shells in the car he was driving,” Yang said, adding that police are looking for Hung Wei-chih (洪偉智), 38, who allegedly shot Ho.

Background checks showed that Hung had a prior conviction for drugs and assault, he said.