Taiwan News Quick Take

Staff writer, with CNA

Sat, Jun 02, 2018 - Page 4


Over 400 fall ill due to heat

A total of 419 cases of heat-related illnesses were reported last month (May 1 to May 30), the highest for the same month in the past four years, Ministry of Health and Welfare statistics released on Thursday showed. That compares with 196 in 2015, 366 in 2016 and 160 last year, the figures showed. To prevent heat-related illnesses, Health Promotion Administration Director-General Wang Ying-wei (王英偉) advised people to wear lightweight, loose-fitting and light-colored breathable clothing. He said that people should try to stay indoors and in places that are well ventilated or air-conditioned, keep hydrated, and eat more fruit and vegetables. Those who feel ill because of the heat should cool themselves down as quickly as possible, and drink cold water mixed with a little salt or electrolyte beverages, he said.


Murder suspect arrested

An Indonesian man suspected of killing a coworker on board a Taiwanese fishing vessel was on Thursday detained by Pingtung County prosecutors. Abdul Halim is suspected of stabbing and pushing his compatriot, Hariyanto, overboard in waters off Guam during a fight on May 17 on board the Ming Man Hsiang No. 38, the Pingtung District Prosecutors’ Office said. The Taiwanese captain of the Liouciou-registered fishing boat, surnamed Ku (辜), and a nearby Taiwanese fishing vessel searched for Hariyanto, but they did not find his body, the Tung Kang Fishermen’s Association of Pingtung County said. Ku reported the incident to the association and the Fisheries Agency. The boat was on Wednesday escorted back to Pingtung by a coast guard vessel, along with the captain and nine Indonesian crewmembers. Prosecutors and investigators boarded the ship to collect evidence and question the crew.