Caregiver arrested as alleged money mule for fraud ring

UNDERPAID::She said that her compensation of NT$400 to withdraw NT$190,000 was too little, so she transferred NT$30,000 to her family

Staff writer, with CNA

Mon, Apr 16, 2018 - Page 3

A Philippine caregiver was arrested on Friday for allegedly transporting money for a fraud ring, Taipei police said on Saturday.

The Sanzhangli Police Station received a tip about someone in the area withdrawing large sums of money from an automated teller machine (ATM) during multiple visits, station Chief Lin Yu-hung (林宇鴻) said.

After checking security cameras and withdrawal records, officers determined that their person of interest was a Philippine woman named Eva Alitio Cafe.

Police said they spotted Eva withdrawing money while accompanying her employer to the hospital.

Officers on Friday raided her place of residence, seizing a cellphone, passbook and debit card for a post office account, a list of money transfers and NT$100,000 in cash.

During questioning, Eva said that she was contacted on Facebook by a German man living in Malaysia who requested that she provide him with her personal bank account information, police said.

She was told that she would be compensated for providing the information, but was later asked to withdraw more than NT$190,000 that had been deposited into her account to transfer to the man, police said.

She withdrew the entire amount during multiple visits to the ATM while accompanying her employer to the hospital, police said, adding that she transferred NT$60,000 to the fraud ring and NT$30,000 to her family, because she thought her compensation of NT$400 was too little.

The remaining NT$100,000 was still to be transferred to the ring, police added.

The 46-year-old caregiver, who has been working in Taiwan for the past four years, was transferred to the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office for further questioning.