Chinese rapper VAVA has to cancel Taiwan events

Staff Writer, with CNA

Sat, Oct 07, 2017 - Page 3

The National Immigration Agency (NIA) has denied speculation that Chinese rapper VAVA has been barred from entering Taiwan, saying yesterday that the musician’s application for a Taiwanese work permit is still under review by the Ministry of Culture.

It has dealt with VAVA’s application for a work permit according to regulations, the NIA said.

The application has been passed to the Ministry of Culture for review, the NIA said, given that the female rapper intends to come to Taiwan to promote her upcoming album and take part in a magazine photography shoot, all of which constitute cultural activities.

The application was submitted on Sept. 12 by Taichung-based company SoulBrat, the company that has extended the invitation to VAVA, for a scheduled work that was to begin on Thursday.

As of yesterday, the case remained under review by the Ministry of Culture, and the NIA said the delay in processing was due to SoulBrat’s failure to provide all the necessary supporting documents.

Local media have speculated that the government has decided not to grant the work permit to VAVA, who found fame on the hit Chinese competition show The Rap of China. Such speculations are based on the violent clashes on Sept. 24 at the “Sing! China: Shanghai-Taipei Music Festival,” which featured Chinese and Taiwanese talents.

VAVA has canceled the three performances and 30 appearances that were to be held from yesterday to Monday next week, which will result in financial losses for the rapper’s agency, Ainoko Entertainment.