Far EasTone leads in download speed: poll

MOBILE INTERNET::The survey measured speeds in stationary and moving locations, with Far EasTone ranking first in 20 cities and counties, the telecoms regulator said

By Shelley Shan  /  Staff reporter

Fri, Jul 14, 2017 - Page 3

Far EasTone Telecommunications offers the fastest 4G download speeds in most cities and counties across the nation, a survey commissioned by the National Communications Commission found.

The survey was conducted by the government-sponsored Telecom Technology Center, which was tasked with evaluating the nation’s five mobile carriers’ Internet service speeds from November last year to March.

Although the survey measured both download and upload speeds for 3G and 4G systems, the focus was on 4G download speeds.

As of May, the number of 4G service subscribers topped 19.9 million.

According to the commission, the survey evaluated Internet speeds when users were in fixed/stationary locations or inside a moving vehicle.

It covered outdoor areas in 7,851 villages and boroughs across the nation, and private and public transport systems (high speed rail, Taiwan Railways Administration lines, Taipei and Kaohsiung MRT systems, freeways and major access roads).

The survey showed Far EasTone leading in 20 cities and counties in terms of download speeds in fixed locations, except in Miaoli and Pingtung counties.

For example, in Taipei, Far EasTone had an average download speed of 87.47 megabits per second (Mbps), which was faster than Taiwan Mobile (53.9Mbps), Chunghwa Telecom (50.76Mbps), Taiwan Star (43.62Mbps) and Asia-Pacific Telecom (APT, 25.34Mbps).

Far EasTone also outperformed in New Taipei City, with its download speed reaching 64.64Mbps, outpacing its two major rivals — Taiwan Mobile (54.97Mbps) and Chunghwa Telecom (50.3Mbps), the survey showed.

However, Taiwan Mobile dominated in Miaoli and Pingtung counties, the survey showed.

By comparison, Asia-Pacific Telecom came in last in the six special municipalities, in addition to Hsinchu and Chiayi cities, and Changhua and Nantou counties, the poll showed.

Taiwan Star fared even worse, ranking last in 12 cities and counties, including Hualien, Pingtung and Yilan.

The average 4G download speed in a moving vehicle ranged between 25.21Mbps and 40.91Mbps, the survey showed.

Because signal strength in a moving vehicle is easily affected by the environment and switching between base stations, the average speed in a moving vehicle was about 60 percent of that in a fixed location.

The average download speed on a high-speed rail line was 17.14Mbps, which was the slowest among all public transport systems, the survey showed.

TRA was the second slowest, with an average download speed of 25.07Mbps.

The fastest average download speed was observed along the Taipei MRT Bannan Line (Blue Line), reaching 61.51Mbps.

Asked why the survey did not calculate each carrier’s nationwide average download speed, the commission said such statistic would not be an accurate reflection of the “status quo” because of differences in each county.

The commission said it hoped the results of the survey would encourage city and county government officials to support the installations of base stations.