Sex scandals rock central Taiwanese judiciary

By Jason Pan  /  Staff reporter

Sun, Jan 15, 2017 - Page 3

Central Taiwan authorities have been rocked by two cases of alleged sexual misconduct by officials. A Changhua County prosecutor allegedly solicited sex with an underage girl, and in a separate case a Taichung police officer had a heart attack and died at a motel while allegedly in the company of a sex worker.

The Changhua District Prosecutors’ Office yesterday suspended Prosecutor Tsai Hsiao-lun (蔡曉崙), after he was accused of soliciting sex with a 16-year-old girl.

Taichung investigators discovered Tsai’s alleged connection to a teenaged girl working in the sex industry while investigating a group of her alleged clients who used the social networking app Line.

Prosecutors on Friday searched Tsai’s office as part of the investigation and yesterday took him into custody.

Tsai has denied any sexual involvement with the teenager, saying the allegations arose from a misunderstanding.

In a separate case, Chen Ting-hui (陳廷惠), deputy chief at a Taichung City Chingshui District (清水) police station, reportedly had a heart attack at a motel room in Changhua County yesterday morning and was rushed to a hospital, but did not survive.

According to the Chinese-language Apple Daily, the woman, who called an ambulance when Chen became ill, told police she was a friend of Chen’s, but later said she was a sex worker.

She said Chen did not have a heart attack while having sex, but that he was still fully dressed when it happened.

Chen was married and had three children, and had been diagnosed with heart disease, officials said.