Pole dancers jam traffic at funeral of politician

SEND-OFF::Former Chiayi County Council speaker Tung Hsiang liked fun and socializing, so his family hired 50 pole dancers for a memorable parade with 200 vehicles


Sat, Jan 07, 2017 - Page 4

Fifty pole dancers clad in black bikinis gave one politician a raucous final send-off in an eyebrow-raising funeral parade that jammed traffic and drew crowds of onlookers.

It was not a quiet, dignified exit for former Chiayi County Council speaker Tung Hsiang (董象), whose funeral cortege saw the women dancing and singing on top of multicolored jeeps as a band played and performers dressed as deities joined in.

Footage of the funeral on Tuesday showed the vibrant procession of 200 vehicles stretching for several kilometers.

Onlookers snapped photos and some motorcyclists even chased after the cortege to watch the pole dancers, Chinese Television System (CTS) news channel reported.

Tung, who died of an illness last month at 76 years old, was a well-known figure in Chiayi, where he was active in the local political scene for decades in various posts.

Tung’s family said that he liked fun and socializing so they wanted to see him off in a flamboyant, memorable way.

“He told us he wanted this through a dream two days before the funeral,” his brother, Tung Mao-hsiung (董茂雄), told CTS.

While it may contrast with some traditional notions of funeral etiquette, it is not uncommon for Taiwanese send-offs to be risque affairs. Showgirls are not only hired to perform pole dancing, but even go as far as striptease at religious festivals and funerals.