EPA approves VW Taiwan recall plan

By Chen Wei-han  /  Staff reporter

Fri, Jan 15, 2016 - Page 4

The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) yesterday approved a revised recall plan by Volkswagen AG (VW) Taiwan of 18,798 diesel vehicles affected by the company’s emissions scandal.

Vehicles fitted with software that cheats emissions tests are to be recalled in two stages to undergo software adjustment and mechanical modifications and the recall is to begin in March, the administration said.

The first stage of the recall sees 10,454 VW, Audi and Skoda vehicles with an engine capacity of 2,000cc recalled for software correction, which is to be completed by the end of October.

The second stage involves 8,343 vehicles with an 1,600cc engine that require a software upgrade and the installation of a flow sensor.

That is to be concluded by June next year.

A longer time limit has been granted for vehicles that require the addition of the flow sensor, because the new part needs to be manufactured, the administration said.

The sensor is used to gauge the quantity of air intake in the engine to correct the air mass information in the engine control unit and deliver correct engine operating parameters to adjust its performance to comply with the nation’s emissions standards, it said.

VW Taiwan is to be fined NT$100,000 for each car it fails to recall and correct by the deadlines, while the company has been requested to provide incentives for affected owners to speed up the recall process, the administration said.

Until the company finishes the recall and correction, affected models cannot be sold and the administration will not allow licenses to be provided for those models.

Random road inspections will also be conducted to test the in-use emissions of recalled cars, the administration said.

“It takes only 30 minutes to complete the software correction and another 30 minutes to install the sensor. Owners are urged to have their cars corrected to protect air quality,” EPA Department of Air Quality and Noise Control Director Chen Hsien-heng (陳咸亨) said.

VW Taiwan submitted the recall plan last month, which the EPA approved after reworking some of the details, including shortening the recall time limits, Chen said.

Chen added that the plan had been drafted in accordance with a plan that was approved by the German transportation authority and the other 28 members of the EU.