Taiwan News Quick Take

Thu, Nov 26, 2015 - Page 5


Police stop Thai tourist

Police at the Taoyuan Taiwan International Airport yesterday caught a Thai tourist trying to transport six gas canisters with a total capacity of 2.46 liters. The Aviation Police Bureau said that the female tourist, who was scheduled to board a China Airlines flight from Taoyuan to Bangkok, was found to have six gas canisters in her checked luggage. She was instructed to ditch the forbidden items before being allowed to leave Taiwan. Police said that it is illegal to carry gas canisters on board flights because of safety regulations. The International Civil Aviation Organization classifies dangerous goods in nine categories, and gas items belong in category two.


Temperatures set to drop

Temperatures are expected to drop today because of the arrival of a cold air mass, with northern regions likely to experience a low of 13oC, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said yesterday. Central and southern regions could see temperatures drop to 15oC and 17oC respectively, the CWB added. While daytime highs are not expected to exceed 20oC in northern regions in the coming days, central and southern regions can expect maximum temperatures of between 24oC and 27oC, with conditions expected to bring cloudy skies and occasional sunny spells. The colder weather is not expected to ease up until Saturday, when highs are forecast to increase by 4oC nationwide, the CWB said. The weather is expected to be at its coldest later today and early tomorrow, the CWB said. Residents in central and southern regions should be wary of temperature fluctuations of up to a maximum of 10oC between highs and lows, the CWB added.