Jolin Tsai biggest winner at Golden Melody Awards

LEADERS::The Taiwanese superstar’s album ‘Play’ won three awards, with works by singers Chalaw Basiwali, Ayugo Huang and Ricky Hsiao netting two awards each

Staff writer, with CNA

Mon, Jun 29, 2015 - Page 3

Pop diva Jolin Tsai’s (蔡依林) album Play (呸) emerged as the biggest winner at Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards on Saturday, securing three awards, including Best Mandarin Album.

Play, which entered the competition with a leading nine nominations, also won Best Vocal Recording Album and Best Single Producer.

Buddha Jump (佛跳牆), singers Ayugo Huang (黃連煜), Ricky Hsiao (蕭煌奇) and Chalaw Basiwali, as well as singer Karen Mok’s (莫文蔚) album Departures followed with two awards each.

The complete list of this year’s winners is as follows:

Best Song: Island’s Sunrise Original Version Re-mixed (島嶼天光) performed by Fire EX (滅火器).

Best Mandarin Album: Play (呸) performed by Jolin Tsai.

Best Hoklo Album: The Most Beautiful Flower (上水的花) performed by Ricky Xiao.

Best Hakka Album: Shan Ge Yi Tiao Lu (山歌一條路) performed by Ayugo Huang.

Best Aboriginal Album: Polynesia (玻里尼西亞) performed by Chalaw Basiwali.

Best Music Video: In an Uncertain World (在不確定的世界裡).

Best Composer: William Wei (韋禮安), Wolves.

Best Lyricist: Francis Lee (李焯雄), Departures (不散,不見).

Best Musical Arranger: Buddha Jump, Let You See (給你看).

Best Album Producer: Arai Soichiro, Departures.

Best Single Producer: Xiao An (小安), Lip Reading (唇語).

Best Mandarin Male Singer: Eason Chan (陳奕迅), Rice & Shine (米閃).

Best Hokkien Male Singer: Ricky Hsiao, The Most Beautiful Flower.

Best Mandarin Female Singer: Chang Hui-mei (張惠妹), Faces of Paranoia (偏執面).

Best Hoklo Female Singer: Angie Lee (李愛綺), Breeze. City (微風城市).

Best Hakka Singer: Ayugo Huang, Shan Ge Yi Tiao Lu.

Best Indigenous Singer: Chalaw Basiwali, Polynesia.

Best Band: Buddha Jump, Let You See.

Best Singing Group: Murmurshow (慢慢說樂團), Murmurshow.

Best New Artist: Boxing, Boxing.

Best Instrumental Album: The Flow.

Best Instrumental Album Producer: Daniel Ho, Our World in Song — An Odyssey of Musical Treasures (聽見彩虹謠).

Best Instrumental Composer: Peng Fei (彭飛), Night Cats (夜晚的貓們).

Best Album Packaging: Nieh Yung-chen (聶永真), Enchantment (小湊戀歌).

Best Vocal Recording Album: Play.

Best Instrumental Recording Album: Led by The Sea Breeze (海風的牽引).

Lifetime Contribution Award: Chen Yang (陳揚) and Jody Chiang (江蕙).