Kaohsiung might bring stricter water rationing forward

DRYING UP::Officials will decide tomorrow whether to expedite the measures, following a sudden drop in the water levels of the city’s main water source

Staff writer, with CNA

Thu, Apr 09, 2015 - Page 3

Strict water rationing could be imposed in Kaohsiung well ahead of schedule, as Taiwan’s worst water shortage in decades takes its toll on the biggest city in southern Taiwan, the Southern Region Water Resources Office said yesterday.

The bureau originally planned to start third-phase water rationing measures in Tainan and Kaohsiung by the end of next month, but those measures could be put in place in Kaohsiung by the end of this month, it said.

The bureau said it would decide tomorrow whether to impose stricter rationing measures in Kaohsiung, with a sudden drop in the water level of its main water source, the Gaoping River (高屏溪), limiting water supplies.

Tainan’s situation is slightly better, because the Tsengwen (曾文水庫), Wushantou (烏山頭水庫) and Nanhua (南化水庫) reservoirs that supply the region still have acceptable water levels, bureau officials said.

First and second-phase water rationing measures have been imposed nationwide in recent months as Taiwan continues to battle the water shortage.

Third-phase water rationing was imposed for the first time yesterday in parts of New Taipei City, Taoyuan and Hsinchu County.

Under third-phase rationing, water supplies are cut off to entire areas on a rotating basis.

The first and second-phase rationing currently in place in Tainan and Kaohsiung involves reducing water pressure at night and restricting water supply to consumers who usually use more than 1,000m3 per month.