People with skin problems should visit dermatologist

By Hsieh Wen-hua  /  Staff reporter

Sat, Jul 19, 2014 - Page 3

Facial cleansing is the most important part of a daily skincare routine, but nearly 90 percent of respondents of an online survey said they had suffered from unhealthy skin and impaired skin integrity because of incorrect cleansing methods.

Citing examples, a dermatologist said a 35-year-old woman recently sought medical care after her facial skin became swollen and inflamed with fluid discharge after using a facial cleansing machine on a daily basis.

“People who have problems cleansing their faces are encouraged to routinely visit a dermatologist for a deep-pore cleansing facial session, just the same as they go to a dentist regularly for dental scaling,” the dermatologist said.

Shin Kong Cosmetic Center director Tang Hao-yueh (唐豪悅) said pimples, acne, enlarged pores and oily skin are the four most common skin problems.

“To address these problems, people are advised to wash their T-zone area, which is characterized by excessive oil production, more thoroughly during summer. As women are more susceptible to oily skin during their menstrual period due to the increased secretion of hormones, they should wash their face more than twice a day during this period of time to avoid such problems,” Tang said.

Tang said people should avoid overly stretching the skin around the cheekbones when cleansing their faces because it is thinner and more delicate, adding that athletes should pay more attention to facial cleansing after finishing a training session.

“When facial skin feels tight or turns red, or it begin to have a white, powder-like substance break-out after washing, or when there is a stinging sensation after using an alcohol-laced toner, it could mean that the skin has been damaged and is too sensitive,” Tang said.

National Taiwan University Hospital acne specialist Chiu Pin-chi (邱品齊) said facial cleansing is not only meant to take away the surface dirt, but also to remove dirt that has settled deep in the pores.

“The tips for proper facial cleansing include massaging your face gently and slowly, and avoiding washing your face for too long or too much,” Chiu said.