Sports lottery sales surge on Cup

PLACE YOUR BETS::Taiwan Sports Lottery may generate NT$500 million more than it had projected from the FIFA World Cup. More diverse betting options also boosted it

By Shelley Shan  /  Staff reporter

Fri, Jul 04, 2014 - Page 3

The FIFA World Cup and a broader range of betting targets have helped boost the sales revenue of sports lotteries to more than NT$10 billion (US$335 million) within just six months after the Taiwan Sports Lottery Co became a retailer this year. As of yesterday, the total sales revenue since January had topped NT$10.27 billion, registering a 38 percent increase over its average revenue for the past five years.

Taiwan Sports Lottery Co president Ted Lin (林博泰) said that its sales revenue last month topped NT$2.57 billion, adding that the company made NT$1.06 billion within 18 days after the World Cup began.

“We originally estimated that the sales revenue from the World Cup would be about NT$1.3 billion,” Lin said, adding that the revenue could potentially reach NT$1.8 billion considering that quarter-finals, semi-finals and championship games remain.

On average, the sales revenue in each World Cup game was between NT$50 million and NT$60 million. From quarter-finals onward, the sales revenue could further increase to between NT$80 million and NT$100 million, Lin said.

Based on government regulations, 10 percent of the annual earnings generated from the sales of sports lotteries is to be used to fund the development of sports industry, sports facility maintenance, the training of athletes and social welfare.

“Previously, we had estimated in our report to the government that the sales revenue this year would be about NT18.6 billion,” Lin said. “Given what we have seen so far, the revenue could top NT$20 billion.”

Aside from the World Cup, the lottery firm further attributed the increase in sales revenue to the diversity of betting options, from NBA basketball games and Major League baseball games in North America to ATP tennis games in Taiwan.

Meanwhile, the company also generated more sales through easier and more interesting betting methods. This includes live betting, allowing people to watch the game and bet at the same time.

Sports Administration Director-General Ho Jow-fei (何卓飛) said that the earnings from the sports lotteries would be used to train athletes for the Olympic Games.