Parents choosing more original baby names: bureau

GOOD START::The Bureau of National Health urged parents to register their baby as soon as possible after birth to facilitate health insurance card approval time

By Wei Yi-chia and Jake Chung  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

Sat, Jun 14, 2014 - Page 5

New parents are choosing more original names for their children rather than sticking to oft-used names, a list of top 10 names for baby girls and boys compiled by the Bureau of National Health (BNH) showed.

Of the 199,000 newborns last year, the top 10 names for male children were You-hsiang (宥翔), You-ting (宥廷), Yu-en (宇恩), Cheng-en (承恩), Yu-hsiang (宇翔), You-chen (宥辰), Pin-jui (品睿), Jui-en (睿恩), Chen-jui (宸睿), and Po-yu (柏宇), according to the bureau.

The top 10 names for girls were Yu-tung (語彤), Pin-yen (品妍), Yung-ching (詠晴), Yu-tung (羽彤), Tzu-ching (子晴), Yu-tung (禹彤), Pin-yu (品妤), Jui-yu (蕊語), En-chi (恩綺) and Ssu-yu (思妤).

The formerly popular names for boys, Chih-ming (志明), and Shu-fen (淑芬) for girls, had not been included at all within the top 10 names.

Meanwhile, BNH Division Chief Liu Lin-yi (劉林義) said the bureau was trying to expedite the process of distributing National Health Insurance (NHI) cards by interlinking hospitals with county or city governments’ department of household registration.

The normal process takes about 40 days, but the new method allowing the department of household registration to access birth certificates in hospitals would shorten the process to between four and seven days, Liu said.

Of the 199,000 babies born last year, 103,000, or 52 percent, have already had their NHI registration completed through such a channel, Liu said, adding that the families received the NHI card from the bureau soon after registering the birth.

“We want to remind all parents to name their children and register their births to facilitate NHI card approval time and allow parents to take their children to hospital if something goes wrong,” the bureau said.