LEGISLATIVE SIEGE: Teenager slashes protest volunteer worker’s finger

By Loa Iok-sin  /  Staff reporter

Sun, Mar 23, 2014 - Page 3

While the protests against the service trade agreement at the legislature have been largely peaceful since the occupation of the legislature by hundreds of activists on Tuesday night, an incident occurred yesterday morning when a 15-year-old wounded a volunteer worker with a knife.

“Three underage kids were playing around near the demonstration site at about 1am [on Saturday]. They played a ‘finger-guessing game,’ and whoever lost the game would have to trash police vehicles,” Zhongzheng First Precinct deputy chief Lee Chuan-che (李權哲) said.

“A volunteer staffer tried to stop them from damaging police vehicles, but one of the kids slashed him with a knife,” Lee said.

“The boy cut the volunteer’s finger, and the volunteer was taken to a nearby hospital. Two of the three kids were detained by other staffers and handed over to the police, while the last one turned himself in in the afternoon,” Lee added.

The three teenagers are aged 15 to 16, and are surnamed Chu (朱), Huang (黃) and Pan (潘), police said.

Chu, who reportedly wounded the 26-year-old volunteer, Lee Yi-shang (李義尚), fled, but later turned himself in to the police.

Later in the night, a reportedly drunk elderly man climbed onto a sky bridge at the protest site, and threatened to light a firebomb.

He did not succeed.